[Melee Conjurer] the 2H vitality sucker, need feedbacks


I have always wanted to make a 2H melee character based on vitality and %ADCTH.

This is what i came up with > a shaman/occultist with insane vitality resistance debuff.

I have not put the augments and components on items because i have no idea what to make. I have obviously to focus on Aether resistance if i want to kill Krieg (and more).

It relies on Savagery, the swarm, the vitality totems, and the classic occultist buffs that fits everywhere.


Any feedback is appreciated at this point.

Thaaanks !

If you’re going vit, why do you need raven and hellhound? Also savagery? Spam DS and put twin fangs on grasping vines, it still proc iirc.

I agree on the fact that i don’t need the pets.
After reading posts, i realized how useless they will be in ultimate, especially in malmouth.

And if i spam DS, this is not a 2H melee build anymore, and i should gear differently no ^^ ?

Why dont use Ritualist instead (necro+shaman) if you want to use Savagery? Necro has nice WPS and can support vitality damage just as well…

Great idea as well! I am trying to rethink my build around it.
I hope Necromancer is not too squishy for that. It requires some testing :slight_smile: