Melee Firestrike Sorcerer?

I have been playing my level 68 sorcerer as a gunslinger firestrike build since early on. I recently got my barrrelsmith’s set which I know isn’t the best in the game but it seems reasonable for now. Anyhow, I was looking through my bank and realized the Infernal Brimstone I have has much better DPS so I equipped it just to play around and melee just seems more fun to me. The problem is, unlike my witch hunter that has blood of dreeg and pneumatic burst for survivability, I have only potions which have a long cool down so the build feels very weak in comparison despite the high damage output.

Are there any fire based melee sorcerer builds that would be considered ultimate viable? My poison based witch hunter is ten levels behind this sorcerer and due to the healing and DoT gameplay feels in a whole different league to be honest.

If you have fast attack speed and high life leech you should survive ultimate with ease

With warpfire and Star pact it is a decent burn build. ~120K burn dot.

You can be a melee caster =) 260k burning DoTs included.