Melee Vitality Cabalist?

Hello bois,

so I want to go for a melee Cabalist but I could not find 1 buld in the Build Compendium IX, all I found are Casters. So is it not good supported? Does it just SUCK ? I mean you could maybe use Shard of Beronath as default attack maybe? Would be nice if someone could link me a grimtools for a Melee Vitality Cabalist.

I found these three in the build compendium IX

Wait where did you find them? All I see are casters & Pet builds. Thanks tho

Under Cabalist

Well, the first one (the DW one) is focused on acid, I saw that one but this one looks pretty good even tho its really old. A “pure vitality default attack” does not exist right? So Fleshwarped Strikes is like the best choice?

You can build melee Cabalist, but Ritualist and Conjurer would outperform it.

You convert the aether to vitality from the Fleshwarped strikes. You can go with shard of beronath too if you dont have a good Fleshwarped wpn.

You can probably make a decent Vit melee Cabalist if you have unlimited access to items.

Thanks, well I did play Shaman to often and I cant stand Totems… I hate em. But the overcapt RR from Devouring Swarm is insane for a Vitality build. I am just really wondering which default attack would fit the best for an Melee Vitality build.

Savagery ofc. =)

I dont really, but Necro & Occulist are my favorite Classes so I wanted to make em work together. Thanks

And with the next expansion, you can buy this as a faction blueprint!

Vitality Savagery!

Can you explain why? I mean it has no +Vitality% or flat Vitality damage. Because of the OA, DA, Attack speed etc. you get?

Yes basically, plus there are items with elemental > vitality dmg conversion.

Also, the stacks will enhance the WPS like Reaping Strike with corresponding magnitude as the current stack

And, that in the next expansion you have the item I posted above :wink:

HOLY SHIIIIT! Thanks for that! I will go for an Ritualist 100% then. Thanks
this item is better. But farming them is a torture =(

1 More question, can Reaping Strike & Necrotic Edge activate with Savagery? I would skill it something like that then

I was planning on using one of those together with that new faction weapon actually. Perhaps if I ever want to run the Malmouth councils again and drop another one I’ll consider it :stuck_out_tongue: But my plan was to make something with that faction weapon for starters.

Yes, Savagery is a default attack replacer that is why it was suggested. Read the skill tooltip.

Skills looks good, but with more +skills you really want Wendigo totem - Blood pact for the extra damage.

Aight thanks, yea I think Wendigo Totem and Blood pact would also fit in with the + Skills you get. Thanks for everything

Just a sketch. Faction items and farmable pants. Almost no augments, compoments and no roll on the yellow & green items (apart from attack speed on gloves)

Should give you an idea at least

Note that we can get Reaping Strike to max with just basic crap items