Meme Time! Show us your silly builds :D

loyalist pack 1 item
the one that has the wisp pet too


Physical bombs, using Baldir set because yes it’s the most practical way to convert all the fire damage (all the others are … worse).


Big cold mines? BIG cold mines! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Hybrid Acid EoR

With the changes in poison->acid retal, Daega was fun to twist into an EoR hybrid of both Retal and Normal damage … something between Full EoR acid retal and Dunefield acid EoR. With the occasional Blade barrier thrown in.

(No Ascension, as it’s more aimed at mindless controller play. Vire, Spin, occasional BB)

Mostly meme because it looks quite glassy and not tested. (Edit: I see that I have chosen the wrong affix for the ammy. I’ll leave that to those that take a look…).

Fervered Rage/ Blade Barrier Retaliaton Hybrid.

Blade Barrier retal was always so difficult to build in. This one is also Daega Set, but tries to profit off of Max Blade Barrier + Fervered Rage, and uses mixed retal/normal DEE for the remainder of the time.

Also new patch adds some changes to Dreeg’s Affliction (which is probably still overshadowed by others) - but it looks like it could work fine here. Another theory craft for a fun meme.

Fervered Rage has some improvements, so while afaik %total damage doesn’t impact retal, it will improve the normal damages portions (DEE and stuff).


Oh elder gods, here we GO!

Elemental FS Purifier:

Adventures in Dual Wield Savagery Gunslinging:
Ludi version - Vindicator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Ultos version - Vindicator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Elemental Gunslinging Deceiver:

100% Lightening to Cold TSS Spellbreaker:

Scion of Arcane Forces Battlemage:

It works lawl, still meme as hell.

100% Fire/Lightening to Cold Chillheart Spellbreaker:

It’d probably work better as a Sab, but all that juicy elemental damage from IEE was hard to ignore lawl.

Of course I haven’t been able to properly test these out due to my ADHD getting in the way of everything… But so far, they work, sure they’re not going to take home any awards or get into deep SR, but limited SR 70-75 testing has them passing despite a lack of optimisations/sane building choices.

Oh and I have a new Tester file I’m trying to get sorted, it has everything unlocked and will have all the stuff the community Tester file lacks, like components, crafting materials, resistance pots and augments. So you don’t have to GDstash every little thing.



True madness it is, but it works, so I’m so going to build it lawl! Levelling will be painful as hell of course, but I must embrace the madness!

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Elemental oblivion? :astonished:

ELEMENTAL OBLIVION!!! :exploding_head:

Enjoy. :rofl:


where is pierce damadz obliv ?

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you do that :smiling_face_with_tear:


Elemental Oblivion? I have a Grimtools for that too. We must have a similar mind for memes.

Some high-regen builds I was testing before eventually settling on the Elementalist one.

Unstoppable Shield Death Knight

10K Regen Blade Arc Commando


^ this reminds me of my recent attempt at something of a:

Forcewave fire-Retaliation Commando

Trying to put that Pummeler retal mod to good use…but…

While the retal damage seemed ok-ish, the regen was quite a bit less than those above and it looked pretty iffy for sustain in tough spots. Possibly some extreme Gollus rings could work, if found.

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Autoattacking caster pistol shenanigans.

Dual Viper Hemorrhager Warder

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It’s pushing even the meme envelope, but here is an attempt at that:

Pierce Oblivion

Some additional bleed and also Fervered Rage for 80% more damage…which it probably can not survive for too long, heh.


i doodled with this after making the comment

but it’s not “complete”, still lacks some stuff before i’d even bother to run it


:damage_lightning:Lightning HoG spam? Lightning HoG spam!:damage_lightning:

Fairly sturdy toon, sadly held back by the lack in dmg % and bad casting speed.

Also lightning judgment looks kinda neat ngl :eyes:


Oooh that DOES look dope! I’d love to try making a lightning AOE build using it :open_mouth:

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DW Fire Voracious Reach Infiltrator - Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator Not that bad actually, can do SR 65-66 without much trouble.

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:damage_cold: :damage_fire: :damage_lightning: Ele. Oblivion in action? Ele. Oblivion in action!:sunglasses: :damage_cold: :damage_fire: :damage_lightning:

Started as a meme but is actually fairly solid in SR :eyes:


Fine, I’ll run that build :stuck_out_tongue:

Just need to get through Aliens: Dark Descent first…

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