Men and Women Stereotypes in Games

Make a chiseled shirtless dude with a huge whomping “appendage” at full salute, not a vienna sausage, but a giant kielbasa, and I might get excited over it. Moobies and mipples just don’t quite do it for me.

Mate. I got you covered.

I strongly oppose the notion that Jordan Peterson has anything worthwhile on the topic of stereotypes or even in general. I would even argue that his views are actually damaging the discussion and that he is "a preacher more than a teacher. "

And in my opinion, female objectification in games is just cringy fanservice and even worse if man are sexualized too to “even out the scale”

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How exactly are his views damaging?

I’m open to having my perspective broadened. Please educate me.

I would love to hear the rationale behind your claim.

@powbam, @medea_fleecestealer, @nery: The rest of the guide is irrelevant


You shall not pass. until you say that my pecs are awesome that is.

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These Sorcerers are always playing naked :smile:

See that Medea, speaking about stereotypes!

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Moved since a) you wouldn’t want me to discriminate now, would you and b) in the wrong topic anyway. :wink:

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love ya medea. was just being cheeky :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. :rofl:



That’s literally the facial expression I’ve seen countless women make while I was on my obstetrics rotation.

Haunts me still to this very day. It was like watching the exorcism of emily rose IRL.


I “survived” the Caesarian section at the birth of my son. No pictures, but I will never forget the sound and the smell.

Oh god that’s horrendous lol

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I mean, some people love O&G. They find fulfilment when they hand the baby over to the parents, and get to share that special moment with them.

I can respect that. 0 judgement from me.

I’m just going to stay tf away from that. Also, I don’t want to be the dude who tells a couple of parents that something happened to their baby should things go sideways.

What I love is paeds. I just find it easier to muster up compassion, and go that extra mile for that sick girl in bed 12 with leukaemia than the guy with a foreign object up his anal cavity in bed 6.

I know this shouldn’t be the case, but whatever.


and this is where I point out that the desert sorceress is actually a pyromancer.

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Now do tell me about that. I never played Dark Souls, so yeah :sweat_smile:

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it’s called a sorceress set in DkS2, but pyromancer in dks3. The girls themselves use pyromancies. Sorceries are blue aether type stuff.


I am so glad there are no photos of me when I was delivering my son. He was tough to get rid of… I mean, deliver. Long delivery, natural childbirth as well, no spinal, no pain meds (because I am allergic to most opioids that were common at the time, 22 years ago, and was scheduled to start chemo for FM-HCC after I delivered and had time to heal up a bit…). And yeah, an episiotomy without pain meds… I am sure I had this look on my face at the time. I may have crushed a hand or 2, that were holding mine while it was going on too. :grimacing: