Hi Everyone

This looks like it is going to be good. Titan Quest was the best.


Welcome Spot!

I agree with your statement. Welcome. Also, beware… some people hate cats.

Welcome! … And for the record, I don’t hate cats.

There were some rumours about sacrificing kittens to please the devs…

I don’t know if I am allowed to post this but this is me :wink:

Not sure if its been updated recently.

So you can see I am not an ordinary kat :slight_smile:


hi and welcome!

Goats, cats, monkeys… all are welcome!

Sounds like a petting zoo to me!

I don’t know if I could pet the goat though? I take issue with the creepy square pupils! <shudder>

hey! goats are awesome! I don’t see the problem if you get a goat as a pet :smiley: xD (just make sure you feed it probaly when ever you leave the house)

Yea, what’s up with those square pupils anyway? That’s some scary shit…

Yeah isn’t it cute? oO
No wonder it people lin it to the devil…

Thank you… I was thinking maybe I was the only one that got creeped out by those pupils!

I don’t mean any offense Ghoat, just my personal feelings. It’d be the same thing with spiders and their hairy legs :eek:

I know a guy who had a pet goat named Chester. He loved that goat. Only problem was that it, I mean Chester, would stare at me with those creepy eyes then try to headbutt me in the groin! That might have something to do with my feelings about goats?