Merge Items

Hi at all,
i recently thought of an idea to merge two of the “same” items to create a stronger version.
By same i mean the item name of the underlying items ( without affixes) should be equal.
you put two items A and B in two slots (1 and 2)
First the base stats (so without affixes) are compared.
The new Item C will have the max of each stat/roll of the two merged items.

Furthermore if A has a prefix. The new item C will have the same prefix. If B has the same prefix the prefix on Item C will be the max of both prefixes. In other cases the new prefix will be identical to that from A.

The same should be true for suffixes and inversed roles of A and B.

You are not the first to have this idea, but it does not work as items do not store the individual values per bonus, only one seed for the RNG which then determines the values for every bonus