Merits - no use for end game characters?


I´m really sorry if I just got it wrong, but I still have a problem with merits.
So I have my character, lvl 100, AoM completed. I complete also FG with him - on ULTIMATE.
Then I purchase a merit. It says “unlock rewards from quests on lower difficulties” (which would be 1 attr. + 1 skill on each Elite and Normal from FG).

But I cannot use it, since I “have already unlocked that difficulty”.

How can an end game character obtain the normal and elite rewards from FG?
Only by playing FG through to the end - on Normal and Elite …!!!

There are no rewards in AoM or FG in Normal or Elite, only in Ultimate.

FG doesn’t have attribute and skill point rewards on Normal and Elite, only on Ultimate.

Aaaah! OK, makes sense. Thanks!
Heck - how do you know this?

So you’re saying I can’t speed through elite difficulty then use it to get the points I missed on my first play through?

Devs have stated as such on the dev streams.

You can’t use any merit if you have Ultimate unlocked. If you skip Normal to go to Elite with a merit, skip the Elite points and then try a merit on Ultimate to get the points, you won’t. I actually haven’t tried myself but this has to be the logical conclusion.