MI item text coloring

Could we please get a separate item colour for MIs? As it stands these are endgame items coloured green i.e. thrown in with one of the lowest and most abundant level of items.

It’s illogical, but more importantly difficult to see, and highly unintuitive for new players.

The last two weeks we already got 3 or 4 threads about this.

Short answer… is the range of colours is limited with the colourblind options and in testing not that long ago Crate did add a small * to the name to indicate MI’s but this was dropped during testing.

This is as much as is known about the current state of identifying MI’s, sorry cannot be more help. :undecided:

As Jaknet said, a symbol was tested a while ago, but the devs didn’t implement it. But you already know this from your other thread.


Another color isn’t the answer because of concerns with colorblindness, so it’s left the same color so everyone can enjoy the inability to distinguish between items visually (ignoring for the moment how unintuitive it is for new players), not just the small percentage of people who may struggle with visual issues?

No offense but that’s more than a little absurd. And I’m sightly red green colorblind.

Sorry for the double post, I totally forgot about the first one, and as the forum doesn’t provide an easy way to track your own posts it fell off my radar.

No that absurd - TQIT was just the same, MIs were the same colour as other greens. It’s only since Nordic updated it that they’re now different. But does the slightly different green really help people with colour blindess problems? I don’t know.

The point is a different colour is out and it seems a symbol is out. So what else do you suggest?

My suggestion is a different color and a different tier that can be filtered for.

Excluding the obvious solution that works for the large majority of players because it won’t completely solve it for everybody is pretty silly. That’s like removing stairs because a certain group of disabled people won’t benefit from them. It’s a strange way to design, actually.

But making MIs filterable above normal greens would solve the issue for everyone for whom it matters.

Different tier maybe, though I’ve no idea how hard that would to implement at this late stage of the game. :undecided:

And it almost certainly would solve it for everyone. I’ve seen this colorblind palette argument before, and it is not credible. Distinguishing gear rarity by color is a standard feature in the RPG genre, and GD has fewer such tiers than most. Somehow all those other games manage to have easily distinguishable colors with no complaints from colorblind users… (Or maybe they all do a very effective job of censoring the colorblind user complaints :rolleyes:)

For example, Borderlands 2/TPS have white/green/blue/purple/orange/pink/cyan, plus magenta as a variant of purple. Yet GD can only manage white/yellow/green/blue/purple, with no room for any more colors? Sure…

Regardless, Crate clearly isn’t going to change this (possibly adding a symbol at best); they know how much time they have to work on things and have to prioritize accordingly, and this obviously doesn’t make the cut.

Tried and for some inexplicable reason dropped during testing with no comments from Crate.

If there could be a single quality of Life upgrade that would make me happy it would be moving MIs to their own tier.

I have almost no interest ever in other greens, but if I want to see the occasional MI I have to keep that layer turned on. Then you have to read through all the garbage that drops and identify which ones might be worth looking at.

Most of the time now I just keep the green filter off and occasionally look at all loot on the ground after killing things I know may drop decent MIs. I would buy the expansion if it did nothing but implement another tier for MIs to be honest.

TQ anniversary edition and Ragnarok the MIs are an olive color not the same as rare affix item. It works great.

If the reason is the colorblind issue how about remove all sound so experience will be same for all people including deaf people? Then remove all graphics so same experience for all people including blind?

I’m colorblind but still completely behind the idea to just add another color / filter layer for MI’s. Though after almost 600 hours in the game I’m beginning to memorize all MIs…

Does it? Are you or someone you know colourblind and play the game? I ask because to me the way you spot an MI in the game is the fact that it doesn’t give you any description of the item - in the original MIs were the same green as any other item. It was the lack of description that told you it was something special. I also wonder if that colour green differentiates enough from the normal green for people with colour vision problems.

As this is the latest MI color thread, I’ll post it here.

If everyone wants to have a different color for MIs, Crate could add an option to set your own coloring for all items. So, we’ll be able to change the color of common, magic, rare, epic, legendary, common MI, magic MI, rare MI, epic MI, legendary MI, quest, component, rare component (why the heck am I even pointing out everything?) to whichever we want. So, we’d never have to bother Crate with the MI thing.

With that, even colorblind and non-colorblind people would be fine. This would even help some of colorblind people as I remember someone saying they see almost no difference between rare and legendary items.

An icon at the top right corner like how GrimTools does it would be more viable than a different color.

Didn’t people say in this topic already why it isn’t implemented? If no, you can search why Crate never did that.

As said, it was tested but not implemented.