Military Conditioning nerfed to the ground :D


There is a reason why the past should remain in the past… I don’t see the point in bumping an old thread, nor the point in creating a new one just to shame someone… :undecided:

just to shame someone

Wasn’t my intention.

What was the intention then?

Seems pretty obvious to me, MC is more tame nowadays than it was back then :rolleyes:.

It’s interesting to recollect how the game looked back then. The scale of nerfs was completely different. Now if MC was giving even 5% less hp it’s a pretty big deal. But back then MC just went from 50% to 30% in a single patch. I found the post amusing and decided to share. But it seems like not everyone has the same sense of humour as me. Lesson learned, post deleted.

P.S. I don’t understand why people here often think I have ill intentions and want to offend them. Is it the way I phrased it?
P.P.S. The reaction is as if I spoken ill of the dead. Could it be true? I’m very sorry about it then. My condolescense.

It has been nerfed even further in recent updates. And it’s still one of the best defensive passive skills in the game.

I also found it amusing, especially in the context of recent patches. I didn’t take it as a shaming attempt in any way.