Milking equipment for skill points?

So Im doing another campaign run again as a Purifier and I do a lot of fore planning and stumbled across something that is obvious…

Some equipment grants +1 to an entire class skill selections. As a Purifier I have a Demolitionist and looking through the data base it seems there are two 50+ must haves to get the most:

Sharpshooter Pouch, Glass Eye and Coat
Empowered Leander Greene’s Hand Cannon

First Set Gives +1 to all Demolitionist Skills at 3 items the last item can be used as dual wielding if you find dupes. I have two lesser versions doing this at the moment. Im sure this exists for other classes as well but…

Is it worth it to do this to milk skill points either to overbuff things you like or spread it around to things that you might otherwise ignore for constellation synergy purposes?

I have a roadmap in mind that ill share once i get a couple replies.

Just check the build compendium for purifier builds. They’re a strong combo in general.

Going crazy on plus 1 all skills in x is pretty powerful while leveling, but later on it’s usually a mix of a few +1 all skills in x items and the rest of the slots being potent legendaries for a singular skill or maybe two.

First there are 3 types off skills:

  1. So there is certain skills, that u want really overbuffing (Like Military conditioning, Flame touched.)
  2. Skills that u want to softcapped. (Curse of frailty, veil of shadow.)
  3. Skills that is 1 point wonder. (Arcane will, Blood pact.)

In the first section there are permanent skills, that gives u absorvation, hp or damge most of the time.
In the second section there are skill, that are RR -s, +healt, CDR.
In the third section there are skills, that are really good on 1 point.

This is the basic, there are situation that depends on character.

I think every combination use 4 5 max damage skills. Usually 2 3 that u overcapped. 1 - 2 that u softcapped.
Every combination focusing to overcapped that skills, that they use. In this case u have to balance The + 1 skills, and the 2 3 + itmes on certain skills to get overcapped that few and softcapped the rest.

My opinion if u have +1 skills item, then u can get skills somewhere to put somewhere else, but these are not enough to overcapped a skill.
Like: if u have 25 Primal strike and 13 raging Tempest from + skills, u can take that 1 extra skill from ragging tempest to put on PS.
Not like: U have 7 PS, and 13 Raging Tempest. In this case won’t help, and not ur damage skill the PS or just a support.

I have just completed AOM Veteran with my Purifier using three sets

  • Praetorian (Chest, Shoulder, Helm)
  • Marauder (two pistos, belt, gloves)
  • Royal Exuberance rings + amulet

the combo is wonderful despite weapons being lvl 35 - had no problem clearing the content in AoM (did not go to Ancient Grove, Port Valbury, Steps of Torment and Bastion of Chaos, however killed Sentinel).

I have full Sharpshooter set waiting at lvl 60, breaking two sets (Marauder + Praetorian) led to drop in dps and survivability due to lack of res/defence.

There is no single exact answer to your questions, try different skill combos and see what works for you and what does not.