Min. Value of OA/DA.. 2200 Where is it coming from?


Many min-max builds aim at least 2200 oa and da value which i am curios about.

If i have 2200 oa, ultimate what will be my character crit chance in PV/BOC dungeon in general?
min oa values to be able to have %10 crit chance in ultimate dungeons without -da spells/+oa spells?

depends on your skills that do -DA to opponents as well. As well as any skills/devotions that might increase your OA. The discrepancy between the remaining values is then what matters.

I am asking that already. I am asking min oa values to be able to have %10 crit chance in ultimate dungeons without no -da spells/+oa spells?..

2200 is far, far too low by most people’s standards. My absolute minimum is 2400, and I generally achieve 3500+.

Using effective values from last time I checked (which was a bit after buffs to enemy OA), there’s no ignoring buffs/debuffs:

~2400 OA to get 100% hit chance in the campaign. Lots of mobs reduce it.

~2200 DA to have 0% chance to get crit for the campaign, ~2400 DA for crucible in final waves regardless of mutators. Some mobs reduce it, notably Fabius.

No idea where you got your 2200 OA figure from, it won’t be unplayable bad but definitely not 100% hit chance on bosses.

Trio from Valbury requires more than these values iirc, mobs that use gear get the bonuses so there is some variation.

If you don’t mean 2500+ then please link the build. Probably this is with full buffs meaning not “always”. Also you compromised a lot of damage to reach that? I am just wondering.


Seriously, how is this even possible? I barely break 3k when I try, generally my characters sit around 2600 with endgame gear. Must be doing it wrong.

I’m 90% sure he meant 2500, since 2500 is a reasonable (but still relatively high) amount of OA. It’s possible to hit 3500+ with the right class combo and someone could likely post videos of it owning in very specific circumstances, but it wouldn’t be very versatile due to all the sacrifices you’d have to make to get OA that high.

Ceno must have some special version of GD :stuck_out_tongue:

3.5k OA is trivial to reach for some clasess and dmg types. Most notably blademasters, WH, WB, Battlemage etc . For other clasess 3k OA require a lot of investment and usualy not worth it. OA should take priority above %dmg increase, as it give good returns until you reach max crit multiplier at ~3.9k OA IRC .
As for DA, 2.2k DA is safeplay for Vanila. You need 200 more DA for crucible to be uncrittable.

its not overly hard to get 3500 OA especially with MI’s. A old build of mine had 4100. I should have dropped some OA for more DA in hindsight as I ended up dying to a crit while frozen :slight_smile:

Bonus damage?

I meant what I said. I won’t be linking any builds since everything I have saved has been updated to the playtesting version of the game, but my claim holds water in the live version of the game too. As Ptirodaktill said, 3500 OA is trivial for many mastery combos. Some of my characters pre-xpac had over 5k OA, and I theorized a build on grimtools with 7k OA (as a joke, because its damage would have been awful). But for 3500 OA, very few sacrifices need to be made - easy enough to have 60k dps, maxed resists, and 10k+ HP as well, as (kinda) seen with sfbistimg’s Warder (which is not normally a high-OA mastery combo).

@Serimert: Only the 7k OA build was considering temporary buffs. Every other stat I listed is assuming only perma-buffs or procs/skills that have 100% uptime (like Blood of Dreeg).

I am asking the sacrifices you had to do to reach that amount. Instead of %1700 bonus damage you have %1000 for example?

Usually shoot for 1500%, settle for anything above 1100%.

A combination of OA, Crit Damage, Resist Reduction, Speed, +skills, procs, and sustainability is more important than % Damage. % Damage is the most useless of the stats and it’s unwise to focus on it forever.

Just by stacking %dmg from Devotions/Mastery/Stats you should reach 1400% with ease. The diference betven 1400 and 1700 is less that 20% . By pushing OA from 2400 to , say, 3k and stacking %crit dmg you can double your dmg output.

Thanks. It makes sense since base skill damage and oa will overcome bonus damage at the end. Though wanna see big crit damage ( for fun ) it helps though =)

was either 100% or 110% crit damage don’t remember and didn’t upload that screenshot before she died

Im a OA whore, but I dont generally achieve 3500+

I am really clueless too how to get to 3500+ without compromising some areas… I know its possible but quite hard for a newbie like me…( can easily go overboard 3K with procs though). I am tend to be satisfied at least 2800+ OA and 2200+ DA, regardless of the build.