Minimalist Acid (Dunefield Dervish) EoR build

So the new rings and the changes to Guardian’s Gaze got me thinking of very lazy Spin2W devotion path. Lazy Dunefield Dervish EoR

The only thing needing casting is Ascension and Pneumatic Burst. You might be able to get away without these, but DA would need to be upped via physique. There is enough energy to never run out of spin.

If you start going for more buttons such as ABB, then I think Sentinel is better for the superior %WD.

I wonder if Guardian’s Gaze and Scales concept can keep this alive?

I haven’t done a build post for it yet, but this is my next spin build. It’s a sentinel though, gt link is under the video

I think your build won’t have any issues staying alive if my glass cannon variant gets the job done. Tbh I doubt you will need harp and ulcana to sustain energy, just pick one

Good to know. My goal is to make this basically an afk Spinner. Ultimately a one-button build.

ie, Drink coffee and look up to click the screen for spin lines around the map. And the occasional SS to speed things up.

I’ll probably try to eliminate the need for Ascension (AO) and PB is not really needed, anyways. (the dodge is probably detrimental to the build concept, anyways…or eliminate shadow dance…as the speed can be nice.)

this seems to be what you are looking for (if you didn’t see it already).

Contragor said he plans to update with a crucible time

Contragor’s is an interesting take and thanks for pointing that out. And it is good to see the 2H style.

His is not quite as “minimalist”, though : :stuck_out_tongue: HIs is 3 +1 button (ascension, PB, EoR + SS). I was aiming for 1 + occasional SS.

  • I’m not sure how it goes with non-stop spin. He probably needs a pot once in a while.
  • Wpn damage is greater but also speed is less, so this ~makes damage similar, but speed also has some advantages in procs
  • Armor is quite a bit less (but also my concept wants to get hit more for the procs), no slow, no disrupt protection, and so on. Not quite as autopilot.

But ultimately I wasn’t happy with this OP as those rings are pretty hard to get legit and I kinda wanted it to also be more equipment “realistic”. The amulet variant might take a few tries to roll the prefix, as well. (But here the dreeg’s set ammy could work as alternative in a pinch).

Fair enough. GL then.

It’s actually SS + Spin, you only need to use Ascension, PB during difficult fights. You could farm in your sleep lol

Nope, no potions needed. It’s THAT lazy. Only need potions in FG where those energy leeching mobs debuff you.

Well, the setup I linked is not truly endgame yet. It can achieve full CC cap. You might have to drop dps 20k or so. Which is still ok. BTW, the use of fully converted meteor shower provides a serious damage bonus for this spec. It closes the damage gap between the standard dunefiend spec and this one.

Both aren’t mandatory for the build to work as I stated in my thread. I’m using two eternal bands on my new HC char and will be farming the endgame rings with this setup. You could just get a couple of well rolled greens with the of scorched ends for example.
The amulet can roll any affix really. In HC, I’m now using Avatar of mercy :wink: Still works great.
The build is very flexible in terms of stats and items. You really only need the sword, helmet and chest armor to make the core of it work. The rest will come later. My new char has only 190K sheet dps but is melting everything just as fast as my 400k Dunefiend spec (which requires energy potions).

Well, your dunefield probably has higher %AS, which requires more energy.

It can, but a 25% chaos->acid + 25% on shoulders means that Guardian’s gaze basically doubles its damage output and higher AS means you have the max out most of the time. That’s why I think the dreeg set ammy is an alternative as it has a similar conversion.

Yes, Widow rings can work for better resist maxes and stuff and nice procs.

With Gaze and the EoR leech, the set is pretty strong for leech. And points from ascension and PB can go into Dual blades for more %physical resist.

So Dunefield is a bit lazier.

Your spec is good, though.

Nope it’s not! :stuck_out_tongue:
The 2H has higher phys res, a lot more HP is possible endgame (I’m at 14k now and that’s not max. When all things equal, 50% more hp = 50% more toughness, except for life reduction scenarios), is played with 2 buttons and you never need potions.

Also, in all my time playing GD, I’ve only found 4 Dunefiend items - exactly enough to make ONE SET!

For reference, Dreegan’alore drops every runthrough 1-100 at least once and I’ve salvaged a dozen already while keeping about 6 in stash. And you only need one sword to make the basic version of the build work :wink:

RNG may indeed favor your items! This game’s drops can be frustrating at times.