Minimalistic approach of a DW Vindicator, need advice, could be my last build (6th)

I like to play simple melee types, and i try to go for one each damage type.
Fire (Paladin), Cold (Infiltrator), Poison/Acid (Dervish), Pierce (Blademaster), Pyhs-IT (Warlord) are done. All did very well at SR Elite 65/66 (my personal testfield to tell myself if its a good enough build)
And now, i wanted to go for a Lighting melee. Simple it must be. 3 or 4 skills to use.

This is my build, Act 3 Elite atm. Doing very well. But if i plan to do at least SR Elite 65/66 i have some doubts and questions.

This is my goal build and eventually subject to change.

Minimalistic Active Core Play
LMB - Savagery (Devotion skill Arcane Bomb RR)
RMB - Storm Box of Elgoloth (DA shred + Devotion skill Reckless Tempest)
Others - Wind Devils (RR + Devotion skill Elemental Storm RR)

Impressions and Observations:
Clearing speed is very good. Storm Box together with those Wind Devils do all the needed AOE, IF you get used to spam them all the time, means you have to keep at least one or two around. I do this even if i only run around. Thats quite annoying. But ok for now. They are cruicial RR nevertheless.
Furthermore this is my first build which has only 1 movement skill instead of 2 which i have on all my melee builds. Thats quite a different experience. I struggle to get used to play with only 1.
Those two aspects are the biggest differences to my other melee builds.
And … the lack of real WPS damage ontop of Savagery. Only a meh one with 15% from medal.
Another bad thing is the very nice buff from Briarthorn Pet, which i have to cut out of such build because it needs so much additional stats to survive. Thats a shame. That +Phys Res and +All Damage and +OA not be able to use is the most tragic thing in this game for me now.

Some general questions:
Is this a too minimalistic approach?
Whats the biggest flaw in such build?
Shaman (2H specialist) + DW = Crippled?

Please comment and thanks for reading and i am looking forward for some discussion.

Bro, don’t say last build…ive created over 50 toons and deleted most of them…and only 3 reached max level…haha