Minimum level for Krieg's set to drop

I want to create to create an aether deathknight using Krieg’s set and I was wondering if anybody knows at what player level/difficulty the set pieces drop.

i think u have to be in ultimate and the mobs have to be 94, but not too sure

They can drop in Elite but the enemy has to be around level 94.

I have farmed up this set a couple of times now, and I’m still working on a few more pieces b/c my first battlemage died. The lowest level I’ve found a piece was when I was level 82 while progressing my new battlemage on elite. As you can imagine, I was pretty shocked, as I’d also seen posts like those above.

It’s not about what level you are, but the level of the enemies.

So the enemy has to be around level 94, thank you for the information.

I can confirm: it drops even on Normal with boss level 79. No idea why.

If I understand this correctly this is because it is a direct mob loot, not tied to any loot tables. So the only thing that matters is player level which determines what version of mob spawns — you need to be at least level 75 to spawn second version that has krieg items.

I can confirm that the pieces drop in normal when you’re at least level 75.

I had the chest piece drop when I was level 76.