Mi's bugged after recent patch?

I know that since the new patch they wanted to increase the frequency of good rolled MI’s and maybe im just really lucky. But i swear a lot, if not a majority, of the MI’s that have dropped for me have been of superior quality or a double roll. It’s nice but its starting to feel odd, surely this isnt intentional? Has anyone else encountered this?

When running through the Royal Hive in Homestead, at least 50% of the weapons are puncturing slicers of alacrity, that’s really cool I think.

  • All gear is now more likely to roll Magic and Rare affixes with damage types appropriate to it (ex. a Fire scepter will be significantly more likely to roll affixes with Fire damage, or a Pet Ring rolling affixes with pet bonuses).



saw this too, increased chance for rares/double-rares and fitting to the damage type is soo nice.

I don’t think it’s a bug, I think it’s intended. And I think it’s bad for the game, the drops are way too generous now, it’s becoming too easy to get crazy good rolls.


I’m going to have to agree. I just complained about the affixes being too hard to find before the patch, but I think it has wildly swung in the other direction.

The affix rolls needed to be improved, but not by this much.

At first I thought the same thing. I got so used to very low droprates of useful affixes that the change seemed a bit over the top at first. The first item I found after installing the patch was “thunderstruck of thunder” on a Stun Jacks offhand, then I found 2 more of those within an hour, I was like wow this is crazy.

But then I thought of all my builds that rely on rare MIs and I realized that the droprate change is actually awesome. It allows me to spend less time grinding and more time starting fresh characters, which will also have a much easier time finding good gear during leveling.

I can see how one can think the droprates are too generous now and take away from the excitement of finding amazing loot, but the boredom of the grind always outweighs this excitement for me.

After 3k+ hours and 40+ builds I simply don’t wanna waste anymore time with grinding for good MIs. So yeah the affix droprate changes are most welcome, as is the removal of the “of Spellweaving” suffix.


It’s probably worth discussing if the change is excessive. I think it’s nice, but would say that it could be toned down a little. I dislike how it’s harder to hit the right damage type for odd builds.

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The venom launchers were one of the first MIs that made me start scratching my head, because i was getting drops very similar to that lol. But for instance in FG the drop rate consistency and quality of MIs didnt seem as excessive.

The one thing I’m curious on is how it affects prefixes like assassins and magis which were a pain to get to begin with.


Maybe related. It’s… zesty?


I’m a total fan of this change. Especially for leveling, it’s so nice to find useable and appealing MI’s and rares at lower levels without grinding for them.


Oh, so this is why I got a Thunderstruck of Thunder roll of the MI of the Herald of Destruction 1st run, this is going to make farming so much nicer now for certain MI’s. Though the MI’s items of weird, possibly fun and build enabling rolls is going to get harder, but that’s what GD Stash is for.

I believe the new patch work by rolling the same damage type affix most of the time, and if the roll fail they will try to roll affix that are universally used like attack or casting, so there is a greater number of item now that drop with alacitry or celerity suffix

I have an old primal strike vindicator based around the spark thrower MI. Took me literally weeks to get a simple “charged of alacrity”. Half that time was spent using a “vampiric of alacrity” as my best roll. I could go entire farming routes without a single sparkthrower drop. A perfect “skyfallen of scorched runes” is a gdstash only or luck of the gods item imo.

I’ve done the Hive for dermaslicers for leveling a few times now, and it was common to get nothing usable even after several full clears.

I know those are anecdotal accounts, but they highlight why greens have been frowned out of the build meta for some time now. Even if you set the bar really low, like no rare affixes, it can be remarkably hellish to farm. The fact that leveling MI’s and theoretically optimal endgame MI’s are actually possible “legitimately” is a huge step up in my eyes.

Besides, the RNGoddess is a fickle bitch. You’ll still get stuck farming one “easy” MI even with the improvements.

Yeah, I understand that. I don’t think that it’s bad that they increased the drop rates somewhat, I just think it could have been done somewhat less dramatically (I guess that’s the right word?) than it was

The main concern with making them rain like candy is that they will become subject to rebalancing according to their new rarity at which point they’re getting too functionally similar to legendaries.

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And still people are underestimating the power of various magic affixes. While armor more frequently requires god rolls the narrative has long been distorted by the all or nothing crowd.

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I think we need more time to properly comprehend the magnitude of this change which is heavily influenced by RNG.
Let’s wait till with potential adjustments and not rush into premature conclusions :sunglasses:

I never said only magic affixes, magic + rare is sufficient to outstrip legendaries in a broad variety of cases yet the forum seems to only discuss all or nothing.