Missing builds workshop

Couldn’t you just take Forgefire instead of Skyshard Powder? That nets you almost no damage loss, and the DA gain against OA loss is worth it.

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IMO the build already needs to kite to stay alive, I doubt it would be enough to change the playstyle.

But I will definitely give it a try, see if it helps

Good call, thanks :slight_smile:

edit: Hey, that’s a decent number for DA now! it had more impact than I thought :smiley:

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Sitting on this for acid spellbreaker atm https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOm04KV
Had some luck with farming/crafting greens but still far from godly rolls. Somehow haven’t actually died on this character yet despite extreme squish. 100% needs to juggle mirror/barrier for bosses like Korvaak. Did 3 SR50 runs, it struggles but cleared all with timer. Carried hard by arcane will+giant’s blood.

Maybe with some improvements it could be smoother to play. I’m not sure where to go with it right now though


For our purpose here, it’s enough :slight_smile:

Acid Spellbreaker: :white_check_mark:

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Thoughts on chaos dervish? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4xlxRN
Could use more survivability for sure. Just an idea for now

Ok, here are my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Mobility is great in a melee build, and Vire’s might is one of the best mobility skills in the game, I would try to include it. Volcanic stride is also probably the best devotion proccer in the game.

The skill mod for Pneumatic burst is a no-brainer if you have 2 weapons IMO

Shadow dance past 12/12 has diminishing return, you could save a few points there.

There are much better choices of medals out there. Blood sigil of Cth’on, Mark of Ulzuin, Ilgor’s eternal vigil are all better out of the box

I would use a relic that gives +1 to all skills in either masteries or serenity. You could use some more skill points.

Anatomy of murder doesn,t help us as much in a chaos build, I would leave it at 1 point.
But I would soft cap Veil of shadow to increase the range and buff OA shred

You don’t need revenant, The set AA skill has flat RR built-in
Save those points to get ghoul

A single point in celestial presence doesn’t do much for RR… but it does activate their aura, which at least doubles their chance to proc devotion.

I imagine Divine mandate is there for the crit bonus and the slow resist, but the last few points in there increase those very slowly. I wouldn’t max it.

The boots are not doing much, you could probable try to get good stoneplates to beef up your resists

The pants too, maybe get a pair that boost one of the core skills of the build and get a few more bits of defense there too.(Grava’thul’s legguards or Kubacabra’s chausses)

Here’s what it looks like after my suggestions (I haven’t adjusted the armor augments and I picked chaos damage affixes for the 2 green pieces as placeholder) :


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Revenant gives flat RR, Touch of Chaos percentage (%RR) - different types. So they stack.

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Ohh, didn’t see that, thanks!

All great points. I did plan to swap medal (it was just to patch resists for the moment)
Serenity actually does help a lot with res too, I like it. Forgot about Burst transmuter so that’s obviously going in. Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

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Not using RF and choosing Dervish for such build doesn’t make sense. Rah’zin is very cool with WH; if you’re interested in using RF here it is https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKD9vO2 you’ll have %37 more RR, just fix the resistances. Maybe you can use Rah’zin belt for extra Chthon racial damage aswell there is plenty of skill points.

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Yeah I have another grimtools with ember’s set and conduit that I’m messing around with. Hadn’t decided if I was going with that or rah’'zin yet. I like that devotion path, very nice.
Edit - turns out I don’t even have ember’s calling set in-game :scorv:

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Hey I have something for this if OP is up to date. Pierce battlemage. Looking it over quick should be optimization left here, already don’t understand some of my skill points distribution. Lol


Did it lose +1 soldier skills somewhere? Looks like it’s missing 1 point in a bunch of skills.
Nice build anyway lol. So Arcanist is just used for OA and damage absorb?

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It must have, guessing off Valdun set? I think it moved to the gun or something. And yeah, could pull more points into IEE for converted flat, you get some lol aether conversion on the shoulders which I think is why I started to make this

DW version : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlzag5N I just made it so haven’t maxed the devotions(not even halfway) yet and it can kill Gargabol in campaign so it should count. I will share it in a seperate thread if it works well enough after all the process.

PS: Amulet will provide extra %10 phys>fire conversion after the patch aswell.

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Chaos Dervish: :white_check_mark: Thanks @fishy and @fordprefect
Pierce Battlemage: :white_check_mark: Thanks @eardianm

Dervish only needs a lightning build to be complete (and would be the first non-Inquisitor completed build)

Conjurer, Dervish, Infiltrator and Vindicator are all sitting at 9/10

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Started to notice some trend in what masteries are especially bad at:

Of the missing physical builds, over half feature Demolitionist
5 of the 6 missing cold builds are Oathkeepers
Over half the missing chaos builds are Shaman
Druid is the only Arcanist to pull off bleeding
All but one missing Aether builds are either part Occultist or part Shaman (Strangely enough, not conjurer)

Aether PS elementalist won’t be super strong but should be doable enough. Will doodle if I have time tonight

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Three (the obvious ones). I was going to say that if there were only two, something pretty easy was being left out…

I like to think about this project in terms of general solutions, since you don’t set a very high bar for builds to qualify. Best guess for vitality Soldier would just be converting as much physical to vitality as possible (lots of weapons and shields do that, and there’s that Blood Knight set with some Soldier support) and do the standard Cadence sword & board thing. I doubt it would be very good, but should be enough to kill Alkamos etc. (Likewise, it’s really easy to convert Cadence to chaos, so the same idea with different gear would get you the remaining Soldier chaos checkboxes).

On the subject of vitality, I notice Elementalist is missing it. Primal Strike can easily be converted to vitality, so I’d expect all Shaman classes to check that off the list.

Re: Aether - I’d expect all classes to check that off. Someone did a hardcore classless run with Fleshwarped Strikes. That was in the AoM era, but there’s been a massive amount of power creep since then so it should still be possible, probably a fair bit easier.

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Why is aether so powerful even with 0 mastery RR? I play eard’s aether PS druid a lot and often wonder this.

Also played the rah’zin dervish last night and surprisingly good. Even killed gargabol before his volcanoes went up. Looking forward to trying ford’s ember version once I farm it.

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