Missing builds workshop

Added, thanks!

Pierce saboteur I’m currently working on: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYrmEA2
I beat SR 80 with lucky spawns/shrines (and a few deaths ngl)
Still need to reliably clear Crucible with it, Kaisan is a freaking nightmare. Perhaps just a git gud issue though.

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Just found some ancient build I had, Aether DW Saboteur, this thing have even better gear options these days but it was working fine.



Added both @Crab_Turtle_2112 and @Nery’s builds

On a different note:
…Why are there no Elemental Elementalists ?
With a name like that, seems like a really big omission :stuck_out_tongue: (And it has 2 sources of elemental RR!, should be super easy to make)

Historically demo only had fire and lightning RR. When it was changed to elemental on mines no one just bothered to do it on elementalist :rofl:


That explains a lot
I can see WD and Thermite mines proccing Seekers and Atak Seru all over the place… Could be fun :slight_smile:

Well, Attack Seru yes, but neither of those can proc Blind Sage’s proc.

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Oh well, Rowan’s crown then !
And we’ll put seeker on something else :slight_smile:

No one has done Cold Elementalist either for that matter, could be an interesting idea/challenge :smile:

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Pierce Bone Harvest Reaper: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe8LYYV

One can swap ABB for better stats and spam Chillspikes.


:thinking: Let’s change

  • Arcanist to Occultist
  • Necklace / Main Hand to Elemental conversion
  • Helmet to +1 Guardian…

We got fully converted Acid Obliteration and 4 x 26/26 Guardians combo!

Oh and btw @Valinov you can use impossible +5 Guardian Badge of Mastery if you want some other shoulders and you’d have nice 26/26 instead of 25/26.



Anyone ever done Acid AAR Warlock ?

He doesn’t have 4 Acid boys though :sunglasses:


I have tried Acid Tempest, but it had miserable damage (only found this draft https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYqk44N, I remember using Basilisk Mark with Inferno bonus). Fun nonetheless :slightly_smiling_face:. You already made Acid Panetti one, and Devastation has Arcane Whispers conduit.


@DeputyChuck there was this physical sorc I did once that I couldn’t find the link. It was one of the worst builds I’ve ever played that still consistently survived 170 cruci but it’s a build. Can’t find my save for it but if you wanna recreate I’m sure the itemization was circle of five dagger, inashkor head with ele to phys conversion, ravager helm, kaisan ammy with physical affixes, gladiator belt, one black matriarch ring then the rest were either generic physical items or canister bomb bonuses that looked like it fit. Skill setup is 99% the same as any fire cdr sorc you see except temper is hardcapped instead of flame touched, then devotions are the same as grey’s phys AAR templar.

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That’s what matters here :rofl:

That description is almost as good as a grimtool link. Considering who this is coming from, I won’t bother recreating and testing it. :slight_smile:

Phys. Sorcerer/ess: :white_check_mark:

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I did elemental ritualist not so long ago: [] Elemental Savagery Ritualist - SR80

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Only 4 classes don’t have at least 1 fire build, 3 of which have Nightblade in their masteries.

Vilgazor’s heart should allow Fire Infiltrators, Witch Hunters and (to a lesser degree) Blademasters pretty easily IMO

Death knights would be a bit harder…


Well hot and cold builds are considered for both fire and cold right? It’s easy to make a hybrid fire/cold nightblade. Nex and Ortus. One for infiltrator that was specifically hybrid has been done before on AoM. Dunno if anyone updated it. Most people who use it nowadays focus pure cold.

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Yes, if it deals a significant portion of its damage as each element, it checks both boxes