Missing builds workshop

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah no… back to the drawing board.

AoE sucks, dmg sucks, get’s overwhelmed too fast.
Kaisan is a run ender on 65-66 lmfao… :rofl:



What exactly is needed?

What I’ve seen done generally is when a grimtools link is posted without clarity about whether it’s been tested, the question is asked “tested?”, and if the answer is “yes” then the build is accepted. Standards are listed in the first post of the thread as “Complete a Roguelike dungeon, crucible 170, Shattered Realms 50 or kill Korvaak”. Presumably a “yes” answer indicates one or more of the above was completed.

Screenshots have not been required in the past. This is my 4th build posted to this thread, but only the 2nd to include screenshots at all, and plenty of other builds have been accepted without screenshots. Also, screenshots generally are not proof of anything, but rather a shot of the character screen. It’s not even normally the part of the 3rd screen that lists the number of deaths and highest monster killed.

It’s weird that the build that’s getting questioned is one of the ones with screenshots in it, if screenshots are in some way important.

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Gameplay video is the best proof :slightly_smiling_face:. That is why I use it often so that people can see builds in action. But screenshots are acceptable as well.

A build that looks great in Grimtools can be a disaster on practice. So any build that claims to beat endgame content (Campaign, Crucible, SR, Celestials etc) must be accompanied by screenshot OR video (not necessary, but the best), in my opinion.


I don’t care about screenshots, I believe players when they claim to have beaten this or that. However gameplay videos are very useful to me to clearly see how much damage / sustain a build has and what may be the most important - how it’s played, how skills are used, how you approach enemies etc.


In my case I care because I do not trust in words only. And I do not expect others to believe my claims without proofs, so the most substantial one is always given from my side.

It is up to topic author to decide what to accept and what to discard though. Rules set in main post may be needed.


That’s enough for me usually, yeah. Like @tqFan says :

Same here for me.

But your post above doesn,t make any kind of claim like that. Here’s your verbatim:

I don’t see anything like “I beat SR65” or “Crucible clear time is xyz” or anything sounding like that. :slight_smile:

If you did beat something, let us know and I’ll happily move it back to the board


So far, I’ve accepted submissions if they had those 2 elements:

1: A grimtools link
2: A claim to have beat one of the benchmarks I listed in the OP

So to change the rules at this point would be disingenuous.

Of course, proofs of the accomplishment are always welcome, and screenshots are part of the fun of this thread IMO, and I much prefer screenshots and videos (especially those that showcase either the gameplay or results) to just plain “yeah it works”

Also, the breakdown of what has been done, what has been tried, and how things could be improved are pretty fun to read IMO. So at least knowing HOW those criteras are met is important.


ye, for my part there was also no disrespect intended as in “not acknowledging a claim without “evidence””:pray: , the confusion was simply because the post didn’t make a claim at all
my own reason for having so many screens is more to confirm my own disbelief “i can’t believe my trash did this, but it did” @_@ :sweat_smile:

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That thread has given me a LOT of those moments :smile:

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That’s kinda the fun of the whole thing. (at least for me)
Making “stupid builds” and be surprised when these somehow turn out to be somewhat decent. :rofl:


So the Pierce Death Knight I posted earlier (with no changes to the build other than leveling up) has now been through 2 roguelike dungeons. The character has zero deaths.

Before I posted it originally, I’d been through Alkamos, doing Chamber of Souls and Ilgorr along the way. My original plan had been to go through act 7 and kill Korvaak, but then the Acid Death Knight was posted, leaving only Pierce Death Knight. This character was already level 87, so I decided to finish it quickly. This involved leveling it up to 94, crafting a pair of Bloodborers, and upgrading some armor pieces.

I had been using a pair of Oathbearers before, which were okay for awhile, but had started to lag behind in damage somewhere around level 75 or 80. Other than the Oathbearers and the Avatar of Mercy amulet, all of the gear was found or crafted on this character.

Along the way to Alkamos, I realized that the bleed damage would be of almost no use in a dungeon filled with monsters immune to bleeding, and me with next to no bleed RR. On the way down, I thought about putting a single point in Mark of Torment, but decided against it. The dungeon itself wasn’t a problem, but Alkamos was a bit of a rough fight. Prismatic Diamond triggered multiple times, and once Avatar of Mercy proced, probably when I was trying to get a burst of damage in by standing in one place too long.

Normally I had both skeletons from Raise the Dead and shadows from the Unknown Soldier to help with RR and leech, but getting and keeping them up requires attacking frequently, and with Alkamos I was instead running frequently. If I’d put the point in Mark of Torment or brought along one of those handy temporary invincibility crystals, I would have been able to fit in a short burst of extra damage, which would have helped.

The fight with Alkamos was actually harder than the fight I’d had with my Physical Spellbreaker, and that was an objectively worse build overall. I think it basically comes down to not enough bleed RR, and the dependence of this build on being able to shoot enough to get the skeletons/shadows out.

I took a screenshot of the highest monster killed before setting out to do Port Valbury:

I did Port Valbury with ease, basically. I was mildly apprehensive about the locked room in the middle of it with the aether jets from the ground and the final boss fight, but neither of them was particularly difficult. The bosses I was particularly surprised about, since I remember that meteor hurting badly from some other run with a different character. This character had good armor, so if the meteor did a lot of physical that would make sense. Both encounters had more room to run around in and multiple targets to leech from.

Leech on this build is decent, but not impressive for a Necromancer.

From the middle of the fight:

In the loot room:

I got 2 blueprints from the loot room, and got all three of the Chains of < insert bad guy > along the way.

I then took another screenshot of the highest monster killed, and it still said Alkamos:

Apparently the game thinks that killing Alkamos is harder than the 3 guys in Port Valbury, and I’m inclined to agree with them.


Awesome :slight_smile:

Pierce Death Knight: :white_check_mark:
Death Knight: :white_check_mark:

In the latest flurry of posts, I forgot to add this one, apologies.

Pierce Archon: :white_check_mark:
Archon only needs Chaos now to be complete!

Untested Bleed Spellbreaker

just realized vitality warlord is missing, seems like it should be easy to get off the board with like bloodknight or something :thinking:

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Rotgheist could also work. :slight_smile:

have 3 bids for the vitality warlord, funnily enough none of them Blood Knight :joy:
gargabolo pew pew lord Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
death’s gate lord Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
dw melee “we’re taking abomination because chaos conversion” lord Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

think i’ll revisit the blood knight setup tho, crap stats aside, just to force it/the concept if need be :sweat_smile: - “blood knight warlord” kinda have a dope ring to it :grin:

edit, take MadLee’s vit EoR oppressor and make it warlord and tweak some stuff here and there :ok_hand: :rofl: Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

edit edit gonna try stuff a bit later today


Once again not a meme build since many items support both classes. Oblivion Chaos Spellbreaker

What I like about chaos is they got a solid devotion route, and all of their movement rune got many very useful debuff, which translates well to a non chaos class combination.

Ember’s Calling sets are obviously taken for RR and nightblade support along with the conduit. Arcanist got a solid chaos weapon that can be DW since we use NB, the rest of the item is for conversion and stats filler and more RR.

On the first testing, it’s pretty miserable on bad mutator against the likes of Kaisan and Reaper since the build is squishy, but it did finish SR80 within timer with good mutators on another try. Good sustain is very helpful on such low damage build.


That’s a very solid build, SR80 is a very good benchmark. well done!

Chaos Spellbreaker: :white_check_mark:

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okay so that one has technically cleared cruci 170, sr65, morgo and lokarr with some modifications Warlord, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
but there is something funky, really weird, going on with it, and it doesn’t feel stable, and strangely fragile at times that i wouldn’t call it reliably clearing
like, it’s straight up “suiciding”/constantly dying to small dots, so much so poison retal mutator fcks it over every single time, and minor dots/debuffs hurts a strange amount and it randomly feels mega squish and just dies out of nowhere, to trash. Can’t get my finger on it, because “everything seems fine”
tho it also has issues leeching despite 25+ lifesteal and +32% heal effect, like it’s whiffing attacks as much as Cadence can half the time.

gonna try the gunner and eor version later

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