Missing builds workshop

If you keep it to one rare affix per green, I’m ok with whatever they are…

I’m also ok with like… ONE double-rare green if the rest is more or less realistic.

Stashed builds are ok, as long as they could be farmed within a human lifetime :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t want to police this thread, which is mostly about celebrating creativity, but I’m not gonna be impressed with an all-green build featuring 3-4 fantasy double-greens…

Let’s keep it within “Vegas odds” of RNGesus, if that makes sense

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Calling dibs on Acid Wurdur. Stashing and testing will take me a couple of days.


Tested a Chaos Warlord (= S&B) - using the Voidsoul set (but only invested the minimum in shield throw)

The sheet damage looks rather low, but the effective damage is acceptable (dummy kill time ~26/27sec). Build focuses on Righteous Fervor and the mods to Smite / Markovian Advantage and Shattering Smash - the movement rune and Aegis of Menhir are worthwhile in between damage sources (~100k per usage). Skill points are rather rare - so the investment in Overguard is lower than wanted. Markovian’s Defense is taken to strengthen the defense (and the cooldown period is feelable).

Korvaak is a non issue

SR - started with SR 65/66 - playing rather aggressive, run was not deathless, but the build looked promising. So raised the stakes and tested the build in SR 75/76 - first run again not deathless, second run in time and deathless

Lokarr is doable (full facetanking)

Sometime the build has a bit of life - YoYo issues, half of the life goes down to get to 100% again after the next own heavy hit (had this ~5/6 times against Lokarr). But the build can be imho played rather safe if careful and avoiding to be absolutely surrounded - and for certain enemies - using kiting / hit & run (Grava, Gargabol)


Chaos Warlord: :white_check_mark: :slight_smile:

Warlord used to be the least complete class, and now it’s one pierce build away from being complete :slight_smile:

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I like Warlords - so this shameful situation had to be solved :wink:

I even have theorycrafted a budget 2h ranged pierce Warlord - but not sure if I will test the build in game


Almost all faction gear!

If that works, it’s not only a cool meme build for this thread, but a cool beginner’s guide too :slight_smile:

i treated all the builds as if regular builds tho ?
there are no crazy fantasy stuff unlike my own silly build thread with muliple +2 affixes or all double rares, the Warlord uses double rare legs because MadLee used double rares on his, so figured that was okay, and uses double magick medal instead

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If you do test it, I recommend Manticore on Silver Spread - has 97.2% proc chance on it in practice (51% per projectile).


now, since apparently some felt like this might have been “too fantasy”, i reran it without the fantasy Druid, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Cruci 170, Sr65, Lokar, Morgoneth

everyone happy ?


Was not necessary though, I do not mind stashed builds at all.


I think you misinterpreted @Willnoword’s comment.
I don’t think anyone thought your build was too fantasy, he just used it as an example of what had been accepted (therefore, what is acceptable) :slight_smile:


Pierce Warder Warder, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
not very creative i know, the keen eye will notice it’s just the pierce archon turned into a warder :sweat_smile:

Cruci 170, sr 65, Morgoneth, Lokar
seems to suffer extremely from slow/fumble in cruci, so only had 2/3 runs deathless, Swarm is the worst fn RR in the game :unamused:

forgot to assign Scales for Morgo and Lokar fight :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


do grim internals and it will warn you on the left side of the screen if there are any unassigned devotions.




Nicely done!

Pierce Warder: :white_check_mark:
Only Acid left to complete Warder now, And @tqFan Is already on it apparently :slight_smile:

…After Thermite mines, you mean ?
They’re literally THE reason I almost never play Demo…

At least DS hits a target and keeps debuffing it even if it moves…

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The character has just been made. I tested that Wind Devils don’t need the 2nd node for RR to work.
Tomorrow I’m going to test devotion bindings, controls, skill rotation and mod Totems lightning to be green.
After that proper testing.

I’m not sure about that. Range / QoL of mines was increased and at least Grim Internals indicators suggest it’s not that bad and lingers quite a bit. And this instant cast animation is great. Are you perhaps scarred for life because of how mines were in the past? :slight_smile: Gonna admit though, I don’t play Demo much.

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Could be, I very rarely use them. They’re probably better than I’m giving credit for.

I also very much love to zip around and kite with movement skills. Mines work better if you’re willing to facetank. (Also the reason why Inquisitor isn’t my favorite mastery anymore; I’m not a fan of relying on seal for tanking)

I prefer throwing swarm and know the debuff is applied for like 6-8 seconds, regardless of what I do afterwards. If your casting speed is decent, throwing 2-3 swarms at a group of mobs covers about as much ground as one casing of CoF. It’s not fun to use, I’ll grant you that, but it’s at least reliable.

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I’m the opposite of this :laughing:

My first build is Purifier, so I’ve condition myself to stand in both seals and mines

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Went through Korvaak with a Vitality/Bleed Spellbreaker.

The fights with Kymon and Korvaak were pretty easy, but the character is not deathless, dying 4 times near the end of the leveling process, once at level 90 to a wraith hero that dropped an aether crystal barrage from the sky, once at 91 to the tablesaw projectiles of death from Ekket’Zul going through the rift on the way to Malmouth, and twice at level 94 to Loxmere Nightmage.

I finally assembled the full Blood Knight set and put it on at level 96, due to bad luck transmuting and the character being perpetually poor because all my iron bits were going towards yet another try at getting the shoulders. Since I was trying to wait to upgrade gear until I got the full set and I had relatively little to spend on augments, I had low armor and not much overcap on resists, which explains the deaths.

The maximum damage ever taken by the character was 8902, which is a lot for a character with only 10k hp. However, that close call was one I’d survived that occurred before any of the deaths.

Korvaak’s death:

The projectiles from the bloodbathed are rather pretty:

Damage breakdown for Blade Burst with Lethal Assault and Bloodthirster up:

Normal playstyle is to use Bloodthirster offensively and kite a lot. This gives you extra bleed damage that is up most of the time, since each lasts 8 seconds and you have 2 of them, and if you’re fighting bleed resistant enemies, you can turn it on after getting a Rend proc.

The amount of bleeding damage on Blade Burst itself is relatively small compared to vitality decay, however there are other bleed sources in Rend, Soul of Nazaran, the Bloodbathed, and Bloodrite gloves. Overall it is definitely more vitality than bleed focused, although it would be possible to focus in the other direction by putting Rend on Blade Burst, spending points on cunning instead of spirit, using bleed rings instead of vitality rings, and rearranging the devotions.

I did not use the skeletons from Raise the Dead or the shadows from Unknown Soldier on this build, however, that would be an option for a more bleed-focused version of it, and it would be quite amusing to have so many pseudo-pets running around.

This build worked fine, but would work better as a Reaper or Trickster, with Witch Hunter and Blademaster also possibly better, and it would work as any Nightblade class. It could fill the bleed slot for Saboteur, but something with phantasmal blades or blade trap would likely work better for that.



Vitality Spellbreaker: :white_check_mark:

I’m a bit on the fence as to whether or not bleed is significant enough to earn a check here… but as you said, it could just be tweaked a bit for more bleed without changing much (And you are using Rend)

If others agree, I’ll add the check for it as well.

What do you folks think ?