Missing builds workshop

I can see either this: Unique prefix - Item prefixes - Grim Dawn Item Database (grimtools.com)

Or 3-piece Morgoneth (Helmet, gloves and armor) Wind devil ?

Maybe Savagery Mythical Northern Wyrm - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database (grimtools.com) ?

Farath’s cube cold FoI ? Farath’s Cube - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database (grimtools.com) (with a bit of cold RR thrown in ?)

Probably all not so great…

Bane of Winter King Cold Primal Strike with the conduit. Done :slight_smile:

Cold FoI with Farath is definitely good even with Shaman and I remember also theorycrafting Runebinder Vindicator with Rune of Hagarrad as main damage.

Northern Wyrm is very strong and I’d play 200% casting speed converted Chillspikes Vindicator because I play casters. Savagery I do not know but I guess it work too, melee or ranged.

Also just using a bunch of items with global Lightning to Cold makes a strong Cold Vindicator ouf ot the box and you can just Storm Totem / Maelstrom / Storm Box / Chain Lightning your way to success.

Cold Vindi is far from a meme and easy to make imo :slight_smile: perhaps it’s just not made to too often because other classes are optimal for all those builds and these are just a bit weaker variants.

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I think that’s the core issue: there aren’t that many…

4 armors, 1 glove, 1 shoulder, 1 weapon… that’s it.

You have to go to a few specific items to do anything with conversions…

Korba’s hood makes Savagery cold, a conduit makes Primal strike cold, Morgoneth’s helm makes WD cold, Winter king makes your pets cold… end of list.

Here you have a sketch of Cold Caster Vindicator I was thinking about: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlvBLMN
(has some crazy RR by accident because of relic, mod to Storm Box and very high Raging Tempest)


I was going for Cold primal strike myself, but I think your thing has more promise :slight_smile:

Speaking of vindicators

Physical ?

Just thrown together, not tested (not even finished for that matter)

Looks good but somehow Physical Korvan Wyrm Vindicator tested by Valinov was missed:

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Even better!
Thanks for finding that one out

Edited the OP accordingly

But I did just finally get around to it and wiped out Korvaak with it.

Is it good by my standards? No. Too squishy for my liking. But it’s very playable and perfectly viable.

Updated grimtools below. One affix changed to what I had on hand for the amulet as well as a minor attribute redistribution so that the gear pieces aren’t dependent on one another to be equipped.



Elemental Commando: :white_check_mark:

Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

Physical purifier ?


Might test it out tonight :slight_smile:
Any advice for tweaks is welcome

Updated the OP with colors so the list is easier to consult on phones.
Thanks to @desioner for actually doing the work


Cold Vindicator: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2Gg5962

Crafts are with slow/stun resistances. Build kills my FPS fast and it’s quite painful with all these skills with low CD but it’s possible to do 5 or even sub-5 in Crucible. Off-Hand with physical resistance also will help doing SR 75.

Pure Lightning Commando - FW spammer: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0mrg1Z

No set used but weapon is too much of a fantasy. Build have decent AoE damage but struggles against resistant bosses. Good luck utilizing your -RR from Mines and Arcane Bomb, ugh. Decided even to use Ignaffar as relic.

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Cold vindicator: :white_check_mark:

Strange timing, I made this yesterday and quickly tested it, but didn’t run anything that would make it quality yet. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYraj72

Anyway, I’m glad there is a legit good build to fill that spot instead :slight_smile:

Lightning Comando: :white_check_mark:

Thanks Nery :slight_smile:

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To be specific that’s @Ceno’s concept that I modified to suit my play-style.

Stuff like this is what makes me want to install the game again.




Install the game after release, it will be like a new game after those changes. Almost all my builds are going to change, some will be altered completely and I really don’t know how physical ones will perform. I literally can’t play except farming right now :rofl:

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Elemental Infiltrator: :white_check_mark:



Energy management is not great, and the build is really reliant on Seal and heals, but damage is really good, both single target and AoE. Most regular mobs die to the 2 auras before they even reach me, saving me on energy for FoI (which I really need)
Bastion of chaos was a cakewalk.

As a bonus, probably the cleanest Devotion path I have ever created :sunglasses:

Infiltrator now only needs a Vitality build to be complete :smiley:

Working on Elemental Death Knight right now… Should have a build up this weekend

Elemental death knight: :white_check_mark:




I even had over 30 skill points left. Didn’t know where to put them, decided to go test the build out and ended up not needing them (though war cry is probably a good choice)

Reaping arc is bonkers

Only Blademaster left and we’ll have builds that include fire damage for all classes

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Fact guy flashbacks ensue :fire: