Missing builds workshop

Fire Forcewave with Ember’s Calling I guess :thinking:

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Good call

I was thinking of trying this: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/14226
But Ember’s calling might be a better choice

Edit: (Nothing prevents us from using both though)

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Here’s a rough draft
Ended up not going forcewave though


Instead, this build cycles between 3 movement skills (SS, Blitz and Medal augment) And 2 small AoE (Ring of Steel and Ground smash (Boot skill))

OA is a bit low though, but Blindside’s massive DA shred compensates.
Physical resist is also a bit low, but with 18% damage absorbtion, a heal and a bit of dodge and deflect, it should be ok for our standards here. (I also have Phoenix and Ghoul for sustain)

Edit: changed link, devotions not bound right
Re-Edit: Removed War cry, redistributed the points. Ground smash has reduced damage too

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Yup, it works!



Fire Blademaster: :white_check_mark:

Fire is now officially complete !


Vitality Vindicator: :white_check_mark:



Died once during the fight with Korvak to a really dumb piloting mistake, but up to that point I was basically facetanking him and never really saw my health dip below 2/3rds … So I think this still counts.

Between Wendigo totem, Inq. Seal, Bat, WoR, Wendigo devotion and lifesteal on AoC, sustain is REALLY good, damage not so much though. Fortunately It can get around 169% vitality RR total (119% of which is not RNG-reliant) to compensate

I’ll try to do Acid Vindicator next and have another completed class!

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Surprised you didn’t go the Vitality Rune of Hagarrad route but full Radaggan’s or Dark One’s is more straight forward I suppose.

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I thought about it, but I was more familiar with this playstyle :slight_smile:

There is also surprisingly very little gear that support RoH other than simply boosting it… and the precious few items that do all are damage-type locked to cold or pierce.

Has anyone made a great build with that mod yet ?

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[] The Shining: 6m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, Shards 75-76 Vitality RoH/RE caster Apostate with farmable gear [vid][sr+][cr+] - Grim Dawn / Classes, Skills and Builds - Crate Entertainment Forum

there’s this one as well.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, there is always Infiltrator, Mage Hunter, Purifier and Tactician that don’t have a Vitality build yet :slight_smile:
(Infiltrator is probably better off going PB however)

I finally got here
:faction_rovers: Physical Druid (actually mostly physical and some lightning)
Patternbreaker - build that uses 2 “imposible” skills: both 1h Primal & shield Devastation.
Complete at least HC campaingn and 65-66 SR. With some tweaks able to kill Ravager.
Main Calc: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWbLaG2
Ravager Calc: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25xrJ0N
Co-autors: @DenisMashutikov (me), @Alk0zAuruS, @Meplzz (Wolfgarr)
We will also track performance of build in next patch.


Primal strike with a 1-H weapon ?
Devastation without an Off-hand ?
What is this sorcery!? :rofl:

Nice build! Thanks!

Physical Druid: :white_check_mark:

Aether Conjurer: :white_check_mark:



I made this to fill the board, but it turned out to be one of my most powerful builds so far! :slight_smile:

A bit on the piano side as you cycle through Sigil, Wind devil, Storm totem, Doom bolt, Wendigo totem, and CoF but it’s manageable. Valdaran was very long to kill, but other aetherials not so much. Build is also pretty sturdy: Bat, Scales, Chariot, Giant, wendigo totem, great overcaps and almost 15k health.

I’d be really interested in knowing what it could do in capable hands … (please?)

Could probably be tweaked for improvements (I’m not converting all vitality to Aether for example) but this is super viable.

Conjurer only needs a Pierce build to be complete now !


I haven’t actually tried this build yet, but Aether Elementalist should be possible like this or this.

Total RR isn’t bad at all. Maybe others have suggestions on how to improve this build.

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I think the second one (stun Jack) would be better.

Why Stormcaller’s pact though ?
It doesn’t really add any damage, and Primal bond would at least give you damage absorb.

There are also conduits that convert to aether for Savagery and Primal strike :slight_smile:
I haven’t explored that one much yet though.

15/12 Stormcaller’s Pact gives 43% Crit Damage… that’s a pretty hefty amount of damage! :thinking:


As @RxJunkie correctly pointed out, it’s because of the crit damage (and some bonus stun res).

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Forgot about the crit damage, thank you both for pointing it out :slight_smile:

:damage_cold: :damage_lightning: Templar: :white_check_mark:


Unfortunate mouse placement


A horrible glass cannon. The resistance overcaps, armor and DA are pretty bad, and the build lacks sustain.
But with that cooldown, Ascension is almost always up and it has access to mirror pretty often

Dat OA tho :sunglasses:
I wasn’t even trying to push it up, it just happened.


But with that cooldown, Ascension is almost always up and it has access to mirror pretty often

Would use Eternity Relic and Mythical Spelldrinker here :sunglasses:

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