'Missing Builds?'

well, read the initial post, klick the link. tqfan listed the missing damage types for the mentioned combination. That could be a start.

That was not made clear in YOUR OP in this thread… Is that what you meant by posting this thread? It seemed you were more interested in general discussion about never seen before builds?

Perhaps this would have been important information to include in your OP. Also of course these have all be thought of as both doom bolt & the warlock class are commonly used…
I guess I should add that I have and use both an acid & physical doom bolts semi-regulalry with great results.

No, I just used his list as inspiration for my question, while you wanted to know a start. So…? whats there not to get?

My point was you did not make it clear that you wanted this to BE the starting place for such a discussion.
I can now see that this is what you wanted. I also get a sense that English is not your native language so perhaps that added to my confusion initially. Also the name of the thread is so vague and general that I highly doubt anyone would have thought this to be a specific discussion about the different damage types for doom bolt builds. I sure didn’t and still don’t…

Are you freakin’ serious!? How can you NOT GET IT 3 times in a row!?

Not exactly what you’re looking for if you mean for things like X type Warlock or X type Cabalist, but considering how many gear combinations & skill bonuses to optimize there are, the best you’re going to come to what you’re seeking is this thread here:

It’s only updated to (so it doesn’t have the Reaping Arc builds yet) and there’s a lot of formatting that needs to be done with respect to showing Crucible times, but the thread is organized by each class’ skills and prominently displays which item modifier (whether from a Legendary item, set or MI) is responsible for the “build-defining” that makes a particular build possible.


Thank you, I will check it out!

Edit: no, this is not what I was looking for.
Re-Edit: it might be partly what I was looking for. But ADD to it the concoction, that the build is ‘unplayable’ and then I am interested.

I am more or less looking for this, example:

His silly nook has a lot of interesting absurdities in it.

My question was a little different, but based on what I quoted it should be clear now.

I try again: which ‘absurd’ or totally off-grid-builds (just like his pierce AAR :wink: ) are still untested? If any?

If there are some Occ+X builds that fit that description, let me know. Also if it HAS been tested, but not to Ultimate Lv 100.

OK, it’s obvious now that you are:
A: trolling just to get a reaction from me.
B: not actually reading what I’m replying to you.
I have repeated myself multiple times in this thread alone in an effort to tell you that your intent is not clear. Yet you still do not seem to understand this to be the case. The more clear and concise you word your threads the better and more accurate replies you will receive. Perhaps language & communication as a whole is something that you along with many others simply struggle with… There’s not much I can do to help you with that.
Again you ask a question that I have already replied to and have answered, even thought it’s NOT the one you want to hear is still true and 100% valid.

How can the community possibly create or maintain a list of EVERYTHING that has NOT been posted to the forums!? What you are asking for is entirely unrealistic. IF any… obviously there are thousands of builds that have never been thought of let alone made. Your lack of imagination regarding this simple fact disheartens me~ But alas this is of course not the first nor will it be the last time you or another person online disappoint me.
For starters to you I encourage you to check out the grimtools item database. There you will find a plethora of items for every class, including your favorite occultist and possibly get some of these “absurd” ideas you have for never seen before~ But I highly doubt you will take that task to heart and so here you are…
IF perhaps you were genuinely serious about this you’d be the one to start a list of items that you think have never been used. It might look something similar to what @grey-maybe had posted in this thread about useless legendaries. This however I feel is too overwhelming a task for you so then perhaps you’ll understand my very simple and correct point on the matter.


167 total :wink:

How many recipes have we never thought of cooking ?
How many songs are left to compose, before we “run out of music” ?

In itself the answer is open-ended and depends on a lot of factors, almost all of which are subjective…

how different a build has to be from an existing one to count as a different build ?

Do you have standards ?
I mean I can try to make a … Bleed mage-hunter, for example. But will it be interesting in any way beyond its uniqueness ? Does it need to perform to any level to count ? if so, what is your cutoff point ? completing SR 50 ? campaign ? Does any combination of gear / skill counts as a build ?

Maybe you mean: “every damage type with every class combo” ? in which case, can a build have 2 damage types and still qualify ? Can a build have more than one build with the same damage type ?

If I make 2 purifier pierce builds, both using Valdun set, but the skill distribution and some of the gear is different… are these 2 builds or just one when considering your question ?

What about if only the skills are different ?

See what I mean ?

Your question is too vague, and even if it was precise, you’re asking to number something that by its very nature is unknowable…



If this thread is in any way serious, the serious answer is that there is no answer.


“There are known knowns, things we know that we know ; and there are known unknowns, things that we know we don’t know . But there are also unknown unknowns, things we do not know we don’t know .”


Here’s a concrete example, since you love Occultist

For what it’s worth, I have a cold/lightning Conjurer based on the Trozan set, Wind devil and fully converted Sigil of Consumption.


I cleared campaign (Died to Kymon twice) and SR 35 so far… doesn’t look like it can handle SR 50… at least in my hands. It can most definitely be improved with some feedback from top builders… but it also has a ceiling… no one will ever clear SR 100 with this build, no matter haw many fantasy greens you throw at it.

I don’t see any such build on the grimsheet, or anywhere I looked on the forum or on reddit…
Can I make the claim that I was the first to come up with the idea ? Absolutely not.
Maybe nobody thought of it… or it just isn’t good enough for top builders to post, or even try.

Would that count ?
Is this the kind of things you are looking for ?


well, yes and no.

No: you did it already :grin:

yes: it is not too ‘obvious’

When I started this thread I was not aware about thepowerofmediocreties thread and only partly of gnomishs.

Both are near to what I wanted, from different sides.

tqfan had a list of doombolt-builds, where he stated, that some where ‘missing’ (see quote in first post).

In mediocres thread then I saw that all options where tested already (except cold, that is).

Gnomish then posted his ‘crazy’ idea of pierce aar, and I hoped that this example was enough for you.

Your Trozan example is btw not too far away from what I mean. But after tqfans info on conversion and its mech-issues the whole point of this thread became a little less interesting.

Btw, SR performance is irrelevant. In fact I also was looking for rough build ideas, where everyone would say from the beginning: “aaah unpossible” with the arenamodes in head. Because I dont care about those.

PS: the other 2 persons in this thread answering before you with irrelevant statements are on ignore since a long time. They share a certain psychology with a third ignored person, that I dont tolerate in my online life. Just so that they know.

To your questions:

Not different, but way off. Like gnomishs example of pierce aar.

I have stated that many times, I only care for main campaign. And you wouldnt even know its perfomance, cause it was dismissed before even tested.

skill yes, as it can be controlled, gear not really as it is dropping random. If gear comes into play than only as e. g. “well, you need some conversion, or DA or OA…” Nothing too narrowed down.

Rather skill AND damage type.

of course, but not necessarily


Final example: Cold doombolt. It’s the only one missing, because reasons. Now, what I expected, was someone telling me: well, cold doombolt is missing because reasons (which indirectly mediocrities thread shows, so HE got me right. And have you seen the incredible amount of NAGGING by certain people in his thread? So disgusting…).

I then would have checked, if there is even SOME way to get close to realizing it, e. g. converting its damage to the max the game allows (with gear in this example) if at all, and see what could be created around it. And Trozan could have been an idea in that regard, not because it helps with doom bolt but the skills periphery of e. g. a warlock. And while doing so totally ignore anyone whining about its performance.

This is an example, mind you.

Getting a feeling now?

Is this psychology somewhere along the lines of “being correct?”


Narrow minded is the expression.


This from a guy who puts others on ignore.


Let’s stick to the thread subject shall we? Otherwise the thead will be closed.

Different people operate under different assumptions depending on what their frame of reference is.

I get why they didn’t understand what you meant at first (cause I wasn’t getting it either, hence my questions)

But there is no point in taking miscommunication personally.
Sometimes if one person doesn’t understand what you’re saying, it’s on them, but if a lot of people don’t get it, maybe you need to rephrase what you’re saying. Communication is a 2-way street, and getting frustrated over it is not going to help.

What I’m getting is that you’re looking for:

“All POSSIBLE builds that revolve around a complete damage type conversion for their main skill, no matter if it’s unreasonable… as long as it’s possible”

Am I right ?


No. Communication is selection. Either you get me or you don’t.
If you get me, fine. If not and you still try honestly (thus NOT attacking me as OP), fine. But if not and you start nagging like a beat housewife, then it’s a NO from me. Let’s leave it at that.

To the matter at hand:

Hmhmhm… well, somewhat close and somewhat NOT close.

It is not about defining a main skill. And also Damage conversion is not a ‘must’.

Let’s say there is a certain combination, just like the Cold Doombolt, that no one wants to take on, as it is considered as weak from the start.

This would be the center.

Of course you cannot rely solely on Doom Bolt, thus, I would then be forced to build around it some skills, that increase performance and reliyability to THAT max, which the CENTRAL idea, in this case the cold doom bolt, allows. But THIS step would be mine.

YOUR step as example would have been: “well, no one’s taken on Cold Doombolt yet”, because reasons.

Are we getting closer to you understanding?

Dude, I’m legit trying to bridge the gap here, no need to get defensive. I’m not nagging, I’m trying to help

Considering this is a genuine effort in rephrasing your main point, then yes.

There is still no way to know which ideas were tested… and abandoned because they didn’t meet that person’s criteria (which were most likely higher than yours for this considering that POSTED builds tend to be able to at least run crucible) If we’re going by your criteria, I can guess that pretty much everything has been attempted /thought of… and abandoned at least once. What gets the nod to put more effort in it is what looks promising from a builder standpoint.

For example, I know there is a possibility of making an Acid Wind devil build (there’s a conduit amulet for that) But I don’t know that anyone has tried to make it work past theorycraft… That’s a start.

I tried to make a Chaos Word of Pain build with one of the conduits, but it didn’t work great… that doesn’t mean that someone else couldn’t make it work though…

I suggest you look at all the conduit amulets, and see what kind of funky stuff they can lead to :slight_smile:

Otherwise, go check this: Item skill modifiers - Grim Dawn Item Database (grimtools.com)

and pick a skill you think could be interesting, and look at all the items that modify it in various ways

I have a WIP Pierce infiltrator centered around this thing: Messenger’s Repeater - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database (grimtools.com)
That’s another good example, but there are SO MANY funky things that could be done…

I don’t think compiling a complete list like you want is feasible, considering we all have jobs, kids, responsibilities and whatnot… I would be interested in reading that though.

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