[MOD] Diablo 3 Classes + Blood Knight: Patch 4.9 Released

First, Thanks for your continued updates. Secondly, a small suggestion: Can each patch only package the updated content instead of including all the original files, so that both parties can save time and space. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it is not saving Grimer time, and space is largely irrelevant…

What I mean is the time and space for compression, packaging, uploading and downloading.

Is my English expression not accurate enough?

For example, the currently released “patch” is 1.5GB, but the effective update content is less than 300MB. This gap is not insignificant, right?

The previous sentence was a typo and has been corrected. :sweat_smile:

I found that Blessed Hammer (Crusader with +duration) is still bugging when entering new portal/SR chung/cave… whatever with a short loading screen. I cannot renew or cast a new one, its quite frustrating so I stopped using that.

It’s on the request list of modding improvements to Crate. It’s up to them. I can make it spammable in the future (which fixes it), but it’s as much annoying as the current bug.

Is there any way to fix it? cant remove thoese items.

Empty your inventory and stash, then try to sort… If it doesn’t work try gdstash otherwise there is no fix.


I think those items should give a bonus to Hungry Bats. Plague Bats is a skill modifier.
I haven’t tested that in game but Grimtools shows 3 items with bonuses to Plague Bats.

Or can you make it perma buff, like an aura? Remove the + duration and give it something else instead?
I really like the hammerdin, was a blast to level up, its annoying at first to live with but as soon as I started SR that is unbearable and totally gimped the damage of the build, what a shame. Thanks for the update though.

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Thank you, gonna be fixed after GD 1.2.1 arrives

Is anyone having some interesting Blood Knight builds to try out?
I’m sharing my pew pew ranged Doom Knight, worked pretty well, Im pushing SR now to see how far can it go.
3800 OA, 2800 DA, 49% Phys res, overcapped Stunned slowed, freeze, petrified…
One shot, mobs melted with penetrating Rive and Doom Bolt in spamming. Cheers.

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Updated build:

  • Swarm of Bats removed due to low damage, put points to Mephetic Cloud for RR
  • Redistribute points to get 12/12 Siphon of Blood (its an awesome defensive skill, low cd) and 12/12 Blood Hunt, better proc damage and EHP
    Clear SR85 naked, no pharma, face tanking everything. Should be enough tanky to facetank SR90+
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Hey @Grimer, had a few questions.

For reference purposes, I am currently playing the update before the blood knight one and I haven’t used the mod since before the update the changed the stash tabs back to normal.

  1. what happened to the loot orbs in SR from D3 bosses? Can’t find info in any patch notes (unless I am blind/dumb). Do they just drop in higher SR? Currently on SR 80. Did all the rare items get removed?

  2. hellfire amulet, crafted recipe or drop? Can’t remember but they came from the loot orbs before, right?

One suggestion:

  1. is it possible for wand of woe to change it from a proc to a granted skill more akin to to how it was in D3 with multiple casts per cooldown?

Fantastic mod, thank you!

Oculus ring is no longer searchable in the grim tool

Diablo_III 49U1\database\records\items\diabloitems\rings\ring_oculus_myth.dbr
[153] itemNameTag,tagRingD312,
[157] itemText,tagRingD312Desc,

Diablo_III\resources\Text_EN\tags_Items_D3.txt > tagRingD312=Oculus Ring

thanks, fixed for next patch (y)