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This may be a dumb questions but… When I go to select a class, I just see the original classes. I have made sure to go to custom game and select the diablo mod.

Any reason why they aren’t showing up?

Seems like incorrect installation. Hard to say with the little information you provided.

Chakram is way too weak now. I used to be able to shred hero mobs easily with my Chakram Main skill character and now she can hardly damage them . She has max chakram and razor disk and there wasn’t a cooldown prior which made it even worse. Could the CDR from the removed Sixth Sense be added to Alacrity or some skill? Sort of missing it.

It’s not weak, actually there’s an issue with its level scaling. New patch to fix it soon. Thanks for mention it.

It is also missing all the weapon damage from Mythical Ill Will sobs .

New patch that includes the new boss previously added by Okami to the Shattered Realm: Zoltun Kulle.

6 legendary gems (check Haedrig in DC), some bug fixes and a few balance changes.

Click on the image to download it.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Thrill of the Hunt where it didn’t have info about the ultimate bonus on its description.
  • Fixed an issue with Chakram where it didn’t scale with ranks.
  • Fixed errors with the name and description text of Deadeye, Swami’s Mask, Stormcrow Visage and Augustine’s Hood.
  • Mythical Odyssey’s End → Added +2 to Scatter Shot as intended.
  • Tasker and Theo Gloves → Added skillpoints to Zombie Dogs as intended.
  • Mythical Hergbrash’s Binding → Added +2 to Sleet Storm as intended.
  • Zunimassa’s Finger Wraps → Added +2 to Spirit Walk, fixing a ‘tagnotfound’ error.
  • Skycutter → Fixed an issue with the basic attacks of the Angelical Ally.
  • Royal Emerald → Fixed a mistake with the crit damage scaling.
  • Bloodtide Blade → Now it’s a one-handed weapon as intended. Visual reworked.


  • Frenzy: Reduced slightly damage and attack speed. Changed bleeding to internal trauma damage.
  • Hammer of the Ancients: Increased the range and duration of the reduced physical damage.


  • Energy Armor: Bonus DA removed. Added health regeneration.
  • Magic Weapon: Critical damage removed.
  • Unwavering Will: Health regeneration removed. Added critical damage.
  • Unstable Anomaly: Damage absorption removed. Added 5-12% defensive ability.


  • Bone Armor: Piercing and Vitality resistance increased to 30% at max rank. Physical resistance reduced by 3%.
  • Bone Spirit: Added Frostburn damage over 3 seconds.


  • Mortick’s Brace : New hand armor that gives modifier to Wrath of the Berserker (like the D3 item design).
  • Dawn : Racial bonus reduced by 5%.
  • Mythical Winter Flurry : Ray of Frost’s modifier removed. New modifier → 40 cold damage, 15% chance to freeze and 100% physical/fire damage converted to cold to Meteor.
  • Immortal King Set : Removed the cooldown reduction to Call of the Ancients that didn’t make sense as it lasts forever.

Skycutter’s Angelic Ally’s maul?hammer? weapon is missing textures on my end. Appears to be pixelated.

Crossposting from Grimarillion thread:

The issue with the joining player dealing double/quad damage and several spells being cast twice seems to be caused by this mod, as we have tried using this mod only and the problem persists.

Can anyone confirm?

As was mentioned after your original post, this is due. to MP desyncing, so due to GD itself, not the mod - in which case this happening for both Grimarillion and D3 mod is only expected…

I don’t think that this is a case of desynching.

  • The joining player actually sees and causes the wrong (too high) damage numbers - even the as the host I can see the damage is actually caused and not just a display error
  • The problem does not exist with other mods such das Reign of Terror or the vanilla game

The problem with desync is that it is random, so not having one while playing another mod for a while does not prove that it wasn’t a desync.
If on the other hand you had the same issue with the D3 mod in SP, that would prove it…

Why the blacksmith Headrig need 3000 of Physique to craft any item ???
is not much of Physique? or is a bug

Why the blacksmith Headrig need 3000 of Physique to craft any item ???
is not much of Physique? or is a bug

Crusader has a passive skill that removes strength requirement for weapons. Not a bug. Have a look at Crusader skills.

THANX friend

Started playing Monk at Veteran and man how hard it is! With the recent buffs to early levels difficulty monk desperately needs buffing especiall at low levels. Now his damage is very low…

What skill do you use? Here is how I level monk (never had any problem) - 2hander + max out exploding palm + shocking grasp. Watch everything explode till level 35. Craft Belgothian Carnage, dual wield swords with + elemental damage + respect to Fist of thunder. Enjoy massacre of the damned till level 50. That’s it. (in fact, I think it’s stronger than most other classes, not weaker.)
As an alternative, you can just max out Wave of light + Empowered wave right from the beginning and it will get you to a reasonable level on its own. Just harvest cooldown reductions and elm damage.

Although I would appreciate if Monk could dual wield on its own without relic or having to grab Nighblade for just that. Also the weakness of the class is that it doesn’t have any +dmg passives or exclusives on its own but well, you have to cope with that :slight_smile: It has massive defenses to compensate.

Maybe you leveled your monk at Normal (not Veteran)? or maybe before the GD patch that buffed all the elite / heroes at Veteran. I used Fist of Thunder + Wave of Light and it was pita. Only leveled my monk to lvl 10. Wizard on the other hand is much much easier to start. The problem with starting monk skills is its cooldown. Even FoT has kinda cooldown because it hits only on its third strike and before that monsters can easily kill me.
Maybe monk is strong after lvl 30+ but at first levels it is very tedious and hard fights on Veteran.

Of course I’m talking veteran and after the patch, otherwise I wouldn’t even comment. Ranged classes (wizard) do have early leveling a lot easier in general, that cannot even compare. You should definitely not use FoT in early levels, its not a good leveling skill. Focus on Wave of Light, then Empowered Wave, then Cyclone strike. You won’t have any trouble with damage. Respec to FoT later. Its a good skill, but requires a good weapon and tons of skill points (and fast attack speed to address the “cooldown” you mention).
And expect to die a lot, melee classes do have it more difficult now, that’s true. Dont give up on Monk however, its a cool class :slight_smile:

So Im not sure if I’m the only one who’s ran into this problem, but back when I was messing around with mods Pre-FG, I had this EXACT problem.

Been messing around with this mod in Asset Manager (i.e custom weapons, relics, etc) when I happen to notice that a certain number of bitmaps for the Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor have, essentially just stopped working. Upon further investigation, it would seem that the .tga files for said broken bitmaps are…no where to be found, yet when you extract and play the mod as is, everything works fine.

Note: Will be posting Screenshots to explain better, but as I’ve stated before, I’ve ran into this problem both back when I first started messing around with mods Pre-FG and Just recently. Hope I can get somewhat of an answer or help as to what to do to fix it.

P.S. In the past, I had went and created new Bitmaps .tga files (Pulled from a screenshot of the skills window) and Im not entirelly against the idea, its just its literally the exact problem from MONTHS ago.

EDIT: Here are screenshots showing Before and After Building the mod using Asset Manager.