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Grimarillion 60 had the D3 2.2 patch, 60d has the 2.3 version.

2.3 have more items and the droprate of some items you’ve mentioned were reduced on this patch. I thought the changes weren’t enough, but if your feedback were based on Grimarillion 60 and noticed some difference in the 60d, I guess it’s better then.

Actually I was playing Grimar 6.0c which had the loot tables. I am 76 now and basically I have only seen the same loot drop for D3. The rarity was once Nat legs dropped and then 2 monk armor sets dropped. All epic though not even empowered. Only empowered I found were hellcat and balefire and rolands mantle. To put it into perspective I have 5 legendary from main campaign and 3 from TQ. I have 17 unique epics from TQ and a ton of epics from main campaign. I figure grimmest is a good test of loot table drops too. Right now it looks like I will hit 100 and maybe see a few more D3. Since I am planning to go to Elite and Ulti perhaps the chances will be better there. However I think a better drop rate for D3 would be best since if I play the classes from D3 and get almost no D3 gears I miss half the experience. Gem drops are fantastic.

Interestingly I just defeated Karroz and opened his chest and at level 76 the monster hunter regular epic fell out a level 25 item. Also in Steps of torment on level 72 char I had hell cat drop 2 times from well of souls room chest and demon machine or balefire I think from alkamos chest. Both normal epics not even empowered version. Edit: Just got to Mountains and restored shrine demon machine drop and got to end of Fort Ikon dungeon for Order and hellcat dropped off last sarcophagus. I am level 78 now.

It would be great if perhaps some of the items were craftable even and recipes were on rare merchants and in drop tables. I know its a lot of work to put all the items in and tweak drops but it will be way better to have more diversity in obtaining the D3 items.

Edit: I now see there are some merchants with the recipes for D3 gear. I wonder do they rotate on outcast or is it just the wizzie gear?
As far as the chest drops those still do not seem to match level. I am getting 30 and 25 level D3 items out of chest in steps and at shrine restorals and a few others.

  • Epic sets (except Rolands) don’t have empowered versions. Normal 65 and Mythical 82.
  • Natalya’s and Thousand Storms are easier to find, ok until then.
  • Have no idea why high level monsters keep dropping low level items. It’s the first feedback about that in 3 months, so idk if it’s not happenning to other people or they just don’t give a :furious:
  • I don’t like crafted items, boring to mod, boring to play. If I gonna need to do it this way I prefer to quit.
  • Go Elite/Ultimate and see how legendary/mythical-epic drops are working. Thanks.

I will test elite/ulti. It is not the enemies dropping low level it is the chests and the restored shrines. I am wondering if that is just an issue with the way chests are on different difficulty levels. Likely did not expect to have people at level 88 before ending even act 4. So perhaps the chests themselves simply only drop for a certain level range and that is why the lower level stuff is dropping from them.
Don’t quit this is is a great mod!!

They dont, it’s chests and shrines that still drop them, but actually i dont think this is a real issue - the components problem is (latest 60d grimarillion). I’m 85lvl atm and have zero vanilla rare components, but a ton of d3 ones :smiley: Everytime monster drop a rare compo - 99% chance it will be an imperial or royal gem :eek:

Interesting. Seems like multiple people are having different experiences with components. I myself have seen all the regular components and perhaps a bit too frequent with the D3 gems. I have a lot of top tier of those. However I have not seen a single mark of the traveler or mark of illusion and I am level 90 now so obviously something is amiss.

Just for my own curiosity do loot tables have to be manually attached to all monsters or does it grab from a loot array or file and then distribute to the mob and chest drops?

Sorry my english

Question:does effect pierce of resistances from frost nova at lvl 12 on bosses? In vanila Olexra’s Flash Freeze doesnt work on them.

Does the grim scythe work as a default attack move? If not… darn

Loot tables do seem screwed up with triathlon. Not sure if this mod is the cause but I have been seeing far too few vanilla item variants in general. If the spear class weapons are from this mod they seem to be associated with part of the issue because they drop incredibly frequently.

No, unfortunately.

It’s a type of resistance reduction different from Olexra’s Freeze, but Idk if bosses are immune to this as well.

Spears are from Titan Quest mod.

as said Spears are from TQ and frequently? In the compilation they do drop often (green variants usually) I have very few epic spears. I have a number of epic staves.
How do you mean too few vanilla variants? Greens as well?? Again with the compilation vanilla items drop the most (epic & legendary) followed by TQ and then D3. That has been my experience thus far. Besides of course the gems which aside from some strange issue with some marks drop fine.

There is however a definite problem with chests coffers shrines and other container drops. I am playing Elite now (level 96) and they are dropping level 25 + items

I am on my second play though on Elite (most of that was at level 100) and on the compilation Mod not even 1 D3 item dropped. Well the Queen 1 hander that always dropped from Ungoviax the spider did. However she was 106 and it still dropped the low level item. Not sure if there is an empowered or mythical version of that.

I suggest utilizing a method of loot drop like this mod does:

This takes all the head ache of combining loot tables and instead gives you control of how things drop for D3. You could create a new chest called horadric cache and tweak the drop rate without affecting Vanilla tables.

There really is no way I will be able to do much on Ulti without new gears from D3 for my D3 mastery toon so I will wait to see if they can figure out what is going wrong with loot tables in the compilation. Merging D3 GQ and Vanilla seems challenging. If each had their own chest drop with gear for each overhaul not only could people ignore it if they did not want gear for that mod but it allows for way more tuning for progression if we do in fact choose a mastery or 2 from either of the overhauls.

There’ll be an update for Grimarillion with the loottable changes soon, after that you can give your feedback again.

edit: And thanks to all the feedback you gave so far. It seems so hard for people who played the mod to write a few words to the modder, like “oh the items you’ve added aren’t dropping”. So thank you, your sacrifice shall be remembered.

Awesome!! No thank you for making this Mod. Honestly the D3 mastery feel like D3. It is great. Dual classing my fav classes monk and DH is like a dream come true =) Near Death Experience Awareness Smoke Screen and Serenity with some Vengeance is pure awesome!! Still managed to get wrecked by boss in Steps but I got cocky and tried some face tanking after invuln wore off… bad idea Looking forward to how this Mod keeps evolving.

I would however bump the gem drops to level 50 for max gems.
And one other thing… Amethyst says it fits onto shoulder but it does not work as its description says. Shoulder will not accept that gem. Not sure if you just did not change the descrip

thanks again!

It was a change applied only to Grimarillion, I didn’t wanna bother Asylum with these minor changes in the description text.

I intend to finish the mod in December. So until there, I need any minor feedback to make everything as balanced as possible, so I could watch the sun rise on a grateful universe. Jk, just want to stop modding it, anyways.

Haha… nice!!
I assume that means the amethyst is only meant for chest and head and descrip is incorrect. No 30% life steal from gems?? =(
I will give feedback once next update hits.
Since grimarillion is something different I suppose I can not use my character from there inside the standalone D3 Mod?

Definitely backup the save first, but if you are symlinked properly, I am 99% sure that both Grimarillion and D3 use the same mastery enumerations, so it should work fine. If you have items from GQ or Ze, however, I really have no idea what will happen to them.

they will be lost

I wasn’t thinking of this in the past because my character was covered by its other mastery, but is it me, or do none of the D3 Characters have any stackable RR in their skills? I’ve seen multiple skills that give flat resistance (30 Reduced Target’s Resistances for x seconds) and multiplicative RR that’s applied last (30% Reduced Target’s Resistances for x seconds), but I don’t see any skill that gives -30% RR (the skill has to have the minus sign or else it doesn’t stack).

I know stackable RR can get out of hand at times, but I would think that something like a Witch Doctor would have a skill that gives -Poison or -Elemental RR (like the Occultist’s Curse of Frailty), and I remember you mentioning that the Monk will have a skill that gives -Physical RR but didn’t say whether it’d be the stackable kind or the multiplicative type (the one that’s applied last, like the Viper constellation). D3 characters are very good at providing circuit breaker skills and plenty of good resistances for the players, but some classes will probably benefit from taking a more offensive approach without it being too OP.

I noticed this lack of debuff skills while preparing the last update. Mantra of Conviction will RR of enemies using the minus debuff. Mass Confussion also does that, but need to unlock it at its maximum level. I will probably add these debuffs to DH’s Entangling Shot, Crus Consecration and some Wizard skill as well.