[MOD] Diablo 3 Classes: Patch 4.0 Reuploaded | pt-BR | de-DE |

  • Rework to Meteor and Set Skills.
  • Some new sound and visual effects.
  • A few balance changes and bug fixes.

Patch 4.0 reuploaded. Click on the image to download it.


Here’s a list of all item skill modifiers in the mod: Google Drive

Grim Tools now supports this mod:

German Translation - Credits: @RalfDenner

Patch Notes 4.0 - Update 1


  • Fixed an issue where the Kanai’s Cube: Lakumba didn’t have the proper modifier for Ray of Frost.
  • Fixed an issue where the tier requirement for Medusa Spiders wasn’t working properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Bastion’s Revered wasn’t converting the Avalanche’s damage and VFX to Cold as intended.


Tal Rasha’s Elements

  • Proc Skills were also reworked just like the Wizard’s Meteor skill.
  • Modifier | Meteor: No longer adds cooldown with increased damage. Now it just converts damage to Elemental and adds 30% weapon damage.

Might of the Earth

  • Now the set pieces also have internal trauma damage bonuses.
  • Set Skill - Trembling Stomp: Now it deals Physical/Fire/Burn damage. Added a secondary skill called “Giant Stride”. After striking enemies with Trembling Stomp, you cause earthquakes wherever you step on over 5 seconds.

Firebird’s Finery

  • Firebird’s Ascension: It’s no longer a full set skill, now it’s granted by the head piece. Damage bonuses were nerfed by 50% and cooldown increased by 10 seconds.
  • New Set Skill - Disintegrate: A fire beam skill similar to the one from Conflagrate’s relic, however it has a secondary skill called “Chaos Nexus”. Chaos Nexus splits half of Disintegrate’s damage with a fiery chain that jumps to up 4 additional targets.

Seeker of the Light

  • Set Skill | Falling Sword: Falling Sword already had a secondary skill to deal damage in a radius, it was changed a bit though. After striking enemies, you apply “Part the Clouds” to them, reducing their resistances and hitting them with a holy bolt that replicates the damage from the impact over 5 seconds.

Helltooth Harness

  • Set Skill - Explosive Beast: Improved some stats to prevent Explosive Beasts from living too long, ruining the dynamic of the skill.

Bones of Rathma

  • Set Skill | Army of the Dead: Now the body of skeletons quickly disappears after their death.

Grace of Inarius

  • New Set Skill | Bone Tornado: Involves yourself in a tornado of bones that deals cold and vitality damage to nearby enemies and reduces their resistances.

Pesilence Master’s Shroud

  • Set Skill | Poison Mages: Improved their behavior and cast FX effect. Now the body of skeletons quickly disappears after their death.

Zunimassa’s Haunt

  • Pet Bonuses: Added 160/200% Fire/Burn damage.

Embodiment of the Marauder

  • Sentry skill is now granted by the head piece.
  • New set skill | Evasive Fire: Creates an explosion that burns nearby enemies and push you backwards. Whenever an enemy is hit by Evasive Fire, you will also leave grenades in the area, dealing half damage of the initial explosion.

Delsere’s Magnum Opus

  • Wave of Force | Set Modifier: Elemental damage increased from 100 to 120. Added 210 Frostburn/Burn/Electrocute damage over 3 seconds.
  • New set skill | Time Shell: Cast a version of Slow Time that attaches to a target, dealing elemental damage and slowing all enemies close to the target.

Patterns of Justice

  • Set skill | Tempest Rush: Now it has a secondary skill called “Electric Field” → Whenever you hit an enemy while spinning, leaves a patch of electricity on the ground.

Immortal King’s Call

  • Wrath of the Berserker | Set Modifier: Bonus duration increased fron 5 to 12 seconds.
  • New set skill | Overpower: Call forth a bolt at your target location, dealing physical and bleeding damage to nearby enemies. The bolt activates “Crushing Advance”, increasing your total speed and damage and granting you 10% damage absorption over 10 seconds.

Raekor’s Legacy

  • Furious Charge | Set Modifier: Frostburn damage increased from 900 to 1050 over 3 seconds.
  • New set skill | Run Like The Wind: Create cold tornadoes at enemy’s location, slowing and dealing damage to the target. Tornadoes activates “Sprint”, increasing your movement speed and cold damage, and granting you 10% chance to avoid enemy attacks.

The Shadow’s Mantle

  • Cluster Arrow | Hand Modifier: Frostburn damage increased from 300 over 3 seconds to 1250 over 5 seconds.
  • Sentry | Granted Skill: Now it’s granted by the head piece.
  • New set skill | Vault: Dash quickly to a target location, leaving behind a Spike Trap that explodes when enemies get close of it, dealing piercing and cold damage to nearby foes, and slowing them for a few seconds.

Roland’s Legacy

  • New set skill | Sweep Attack: Hit a 180 degree arc in front of you, dealing lightning damage and a portion of your retaliation as damage to enemies. After performing Sweep Attack, you are blessed with Holy Shock, an aura that grants you bonus damage and lightning retaliation over 10 seconds. It also restores 10% of your health (7 seconds cooldown for the healing).

Natalya’s Vengeance

  • Multishot | Crossbow Modifier: Pierce damage removed. Weapon damage increased from 12% to 22%.
  • New set skill | Shadow Beasts: Summon a group of flying shadow beasts that pass through enemies, dealing piercing and bleeding damage to all foes in the way.

Raiment of Jade Harvester

  • New set skill | Lingering Spirit: The same skill from Mundunugu’s set, it was moved to this one. However, it was added a secondary skill called “Communing with Spirits” → summon a circle of spirits that deals cold and vitality damage to enemies and may fear them for a few seconds.

Mundunugu’s Regalia

  • New set skill | Manitou: The same skill from The Voo’s Juicer’s item, it was moved to this set. Manitou’s attack speed is increased and its bolts now release fragments just like Spirit Barrage with Well of Souls modifier. Voo’s Juicer no longer has the skill.

Vyr’s Amazing Arcana

  • Now it has 5 pieces, however the skill modifiers are still granted when you have 4 pieces. The new set piece are boots that are supposed to be worn only when Archon is active (Because the set skill granted by the complete set is intended to work only while Archon is active as well).
  • New Set Skill | Archon Stacks: While attacking enemies when Archon is active, stacks will be dropped, increasing your total damage, OA, DA and physical resistance. Up to 50 stacks can be collected.
  • Modifier | Teleport: Removed.
  • New Modifier | Arcane Orb: Adds 100% chance to pierce through enemies. Arcane Orb releases Energy Twisters on impact.


Jesseth’s Skullscythe:

  • Modifier | Command Skeletons: -50% Energy Cost removed.

Bastion’s Revered:

  • Added an itemskill called “Snowcapped Mountain”.

The Grand Vizier:

  • Added an itemskill called “Scorching Meteor”.

Nayr’s Black Death

  • Removed pierce ratio.

Scepter of Chiroptera

  • Firebomb | Modifier: Removed.
  • Wave of Force | New Modifier: 540 Burn damage over 3 seconds | 100% Cold/Lightning damage converted to Fire/Vitality.


  • Magic Missile | Modifier: Additional projectiles removed. Added 16% Weapon Damage.

The Grand Vizier | Wilken’s Reach | Winter’s Flurry

  • Modifier | Meteor: Damage numbers were rebalanced according to the way Meteor works after the rework.

Hellfire Amulet

  • Skill Modifiers: Removed some unbalanced modifications such as additional projectiles, total damage modifier, high cooldown reductions and projectile fragments.

Zunimassa’s String of Skulls

  • Zombie Dogs | Modifier: Reduction to target resistances removed. Added 15% Physical Resistance.



  • Wave of Light: Added weapon damage. Flat damage reduced.
  • Empowered Wave: Added 4-25% crit damage.

Witch Doctor

  • Burning Dogs: Burn damage increased at ultimate ranks.


  • Call of the Ancients: Reduced the total speed of Ancients, in order to make their actions and attacks look more smooth rather than frenetic as before.
  • Berserk: Sidearm’s cooldown reduced from 1.0 to 0.5 second.


  • Shield Bash: Animation was changed in order to make it work with off-hand’s damage only. Weapon damage slightly increased.



  • Call of the Ancients
  • Cold Whirlwind
  • Wrath of the Berserker
  • Berserker’s Rage
  • Threatening Shout
  • Battle Rage


  • Ice Golem
  • Death Nova

Demon Hunter

  • Vengeance’s Shadow Projectiles.

Witch Doctor

  • Firebats (SFX only).


  • Mirror Image (SFX as well)
  • Energy Armor
  • Spectral Blade
  • Ray of Frost (SFX as well)
  • Sleet Storm
  • Ice Armor (SFX as well)

Lakumba’s Ornament:

  • Ghostly Ray of Frost.

Patterns of Justice:

  • Tempest Rush Set Skill.

Trag’Oul’s Avatar:

  • Blood Rush Set Skill.

Mythical Blade of the Ascended:

  • Fire Shield Glare conversion.
Patch Notes 4.0


  • Fixed an issue where Karlei’s Point had the same bitmap as Tiklandian’s Spellblade.
  • Fixed an issue where Staggering Shield, from The Final Witness, didn’t bounce to other enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where the “of the Reanimator” suffix didn’t grant skillpoints to Skeleton Archer and Zombie Dogs as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Heaven’s Fury stops working while wielding the Azurewrath sword.
  • Removed burn damage bonuses from Roland’s Legacy set, it was not intended.


  • Bone Ringer: Amulet that supports Necromancer summoning skills.
  • Hellskull: Shield that ‘removes’ the damage penalty from Heavenly Strength. Made for Physical and Bleeding damage builds.
  • Blood Brother: 2h Sword that supports shield bonuses. Made for Physical/Bleeding/Life Steal builds.
  • Ambo’s Pride: 1h Sword made for an alternative Bleeding Whirlwind build.
  • Cosmic Strand: Off-hand that gives the huge travel distance back to Teleport.


  • Corpse Spiders: Removed the annoying default spawn animation they gained after the counter changes. Damage considerably reduced at regular ranks, pratically unaltered at ultimate ranks.
  • Medusa Spiders: Poison damage decreased.
  • Gargantuan: Now it has an icon as a counter, like the Spiders, and it’s always on aggressive mod to prevent bugs with the Big Stinker aura.
  • Mass of Confusion: Resistance Reductions decreased from 30% to 25% by rank 10.


  • Whirlwind: Cyclones now deals physical and fire damage. Internal trauma damage removed.
  • Threatening Shout: Elemental/Bleeding Resistance Reduction decreased to -25% by Rank 12 and -35% by rank 22.


  • Mantra of Conviction: Radius reduced to 7.0 by Rank 10 and 8.0 by rank 20. Elemental Resistance Reduction decreased to -25% by Rank 10 and -35% by rank 20.


  • Fire Hydra: Firebolts now pierce through enemies. Damage reduced. Elemental RR from Elemental Exposure reduced from 35% to 25%.
  • Frost Nova: Elemental RR from Bone Chill decreased from 40% to 25%.


The following items received new visual effects:

  • Sacred Harvester
  • Azurewrath
  • Lai Yui’s Persuader
  • Tiklandian’s Spellblade
  • Flying Dragon
  • Fulminator
  • Wrath of the Bone King
  • Torch of the Grand Temple
  • Chantodo’s Will
  • Inviolable Faith
  • Darklight
  • Homunculus
  • The Final Witness
  • Scourge
  • The Bastion’s Revered
  • Ice Climbers
  • Genzaniku
  • Harvest Moon
  • Last Breath
  • Anajinn’s Spellblade
  • The Three Hundredth Axe
  • Starspine
  • Etrayu
  • Shield of Fury
  • Vengeful Wind
  • Windforce
  • Skorn
  • Rimeheart
  • Mad Monarch
  • Nayr’s Black Death
  • Trag’Oul’s Fang
  • Blightwave Blade
  • Schaefer’s Hammer
  • Fury of the Vanished Peak
  • Telranden’s Hand
  • Unstable Anomaly
  • Eberli Charo
  • Griswold’s Perfection (Now it’s perfect)
  • Dagger of Darts
  • Scarbringer
  • Starmetal Kukri
  • Night Reaping

The following damage conversions received new visual effects:

  • Mirrorball: Elemental Soul Harvest.
  • Soulsmasher: Aether Spectral Blade.
  • Lidless Wall: Aether Shield Bash.
  • Freeze of Deflection: Cold Shield Bash
  • Ursua’s Trodden Effigy: Poison Blizzard
  • Last Breath: Cold Firebomb.
  • Rimeheart: Cold Wave of Force
  • Dagger of Darts: Poison Horrify/Haunt.

The following skills also had their vfx updated:

  • Whirlwind’s Cyclones.
  • Hydra’s Firespit.
  • Corpse Spiders Spawn Effect.
  • Skysplitter’s itemskill.

You can also download it from

Previous Versions

Version 3.0:Download
Version 2.9:Download
Version 2.8 (FG):Download
Version 2.6 (AOM):Download
Version 2.5:Download
Version 2.4:Download
Version 2.3: Download
Version 2.2: Download
Version 2.1: Download
Version 2.0: Download
Version 1.07: Download
Version 1.06: Download
Version 1.05: Download
Version 1.04: Download
Version 1.03: Download
Version 1.02b: Download
Version 1.02: Download
Version 1.01: Download
Version 1.00: Download

Credits and Sources

• Artwork used on Soul Harvest’s visual effect made by Protecnika.

• The FX Effect from Akarat’s Champion and Smite was made by cftx for his Cenobite mastery.

• Loading screen artwork created by [i]Goshun[/i].

• Necromancer’s class selection image made by [i]Jeon Tae Kang[/i].

• Crusader’s class image made by [i]Gathen9[/i]

• Witch Doctor’s class selection image made by [i]congbu[/i].

• Witch Doctor’s class image made by adlovett.

• Wizard’s class selection image made by [i]MarkoTheSketchGuy[/i].

• Wizard’s class image original art from the e-book “Diablo III: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls” created by Blizzard.

• Demon Hunter’s class image made by [i]KristinaToxicpanda[/i].

• Demon Hunter’s class selection image made by snatti89.

• Monk’s class image original art created by Blizzard.

• Monk’s class selection image made by 0BO.

• UI images used on this mod were found at the following pages: atanichi and diabloii.net.

• All the items, skills icons/decals and some 3D models clearly come from Diablo 3.

Enjoy it and give your feedback!


Awesome man. I need to get the source files of GD back (modded over them), but once thats done, ill give it a go.

Dude Awesome. Your Demon hunter mod was great, I’m sure this will be good too. :slight_smile:

really cool, i enjoy it :wink:

does this mean there will be 9 dogs?

  • When you reactivate the “Zombie Dogs” skill, only one Zombie Dog will respawn. You need to disband all the Zombie Dogs who are still alive to spawn three new ones. If someone knows how to make it respawn all 3 pets at once, let me know.

If I’m understanding this query, you just need to set the summon skill to have the number of spawns you want in the burstspawn field. For example, if you want level 1 to spawn 1, level 6 to spawn 2 and level 10 to spawn 3, you would have your ‘burst’ array looking like this:

That wouuld make levels 1-5 spawn 1 dog, 6 - 9 spawn 2 dogs, and 10+ SHOULD spawn 3.

Each Zombie Dog summon 1 Damned Dog (3 in total). Sorry for not making it clear at description.

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At all levels, the burst number is 3. It always spawns 3 dogs at once when you use the skill for the first time. The problem is when you reactivate, it ‘kills’ one dog and spawns another one, instead of killing all of them and spawning 3 new ones at once. :confused:

What is the limit? Is it also set to 3?

FileDescription,Spawns pets at the caster. Pets can have a life timer,

The best things about the best class in d3(imo) put together wonderfully in a better…waaaaaayyyyyy better game…made my day, thankyou n beautiful job. /e brofist :cool:

Аre there new items in the mod to support new masteries?

Looks great. I honestly never thought the modding community for GD would reach these levels so quickly. I certainly hope Crate’s development team are watching these threads with great appreciation for what the community is capable of.

unfortunately, I haven’t learn how to create new items yet :undecided:

Easiest way I have found is to copy an existing item and make modifications.

I like this mastery so far, it’s a pretty good job.

Except for one thing that could be tweaked a bit: The Queen spiders.
I like everything about it but the fact that it’s slow to get into the fight because of two small delays that add up:
-The “throw jar” animation takes a bit of time but it’s cool as it is.

  • And the spiderlings summon animation.
    Only then they start engaging mobs, and ideally both could use overall faster animations or at least the latter.

Don’t know if it’s something doable, but it would suit the fast pace of the game better.

Well, it’s about a spamming skill, these delays are kind of necessary, but you’re right about the spiderlings. I’ll increase their spawn animation speed on next update :wink:

So… stupid question, but…

Do all the summons, inlcuding the temporary ones, scale of pet bonuses? None of them say.

Also, wheeeeree isss myyy gargantuan?!?

It seems to me Zombie Dogs to be overpowered for start of game.

Hi, great Mastery, I’ve player 840 hours of GD and it’s my first pet build ^^

I think it could be useful to state everywhere it is the case “scale with pet bonuses”