[MOD]New Caravan & Inventory (Extreme Edition) Apply to GD v1.1.9.7 (GDX2)

The reason why 30 columns are reduced to 22 columns is mainly to solve the problem of incomplete display of some low-resolution screens, even if the UI has been minimized.

If not for the above reasons, 60x60 may also be achieved. :upside_down_face:

your mod is not working properly as of today.

So what’s different? Game and mod haven’t been updated for a while so much be something at your end that’s causing this. Any new updates for anything?

I have this mod, item assistant and rainbow filter. Can’t see any updates for them.

There was a recent steam update and windows 10 update. When I started my computer up this morning to finish installing the windows 10 update, I then proceeded to start grim dawn. My character was not showing up completely at the start screen and then not at all when I entered the campaign…So I verified game files in steam and it said one file was not verified. After doing the process over there was no more unverified files. I started the game, entered the campaign and sent that screenshot that you see.

So something in Steam or Windows has upset things.

looks more like you did not actually load the mod

I guess Im missing something. Can someone walk through the exact installation of this? I added it to the mods directory and nothing. Do I overwrite the resources and data folders?

You forgot settings folder.

Q: Does it work well with 1.1.6 ?

I just put the mod in the main folder and it works for me in grimillion

That sounds highly unlikely as Grimarillion has its own expanded shared stash, so should overwrite the one from the game.

You should have the expanded inventory bags though.

You have to enter the game in custom mode for it to work.

Compatible with Gd v1.1.6.0

I put it in main grim dawn folder with gtx2 and it works with grim, I can send you a screen shot if you don’t believe me lol, its not 100% but 95% aligned up.

Great job on this mod, I don’t understand why grim isn’t using a better character inventory with ways to increase boss and mob spawns i fill up in like 2 minutes everytime.

A screenshot would be interesting, as what you describe should not be possible…

Mods work by overwriting game files with their custom versions, so whatever you put into gtx2 to get the shared stash from this mod should be overwritten by Grimarillion with its own version of an expanded shared stash - just like it overwrote the vanilla version of the shared stash when that was in gtx2. So I am genuinely curious :wink:

The fact that you say it is not 100% aligned when the screenshot in the OP is just that makes me believe that you see the Grimarillion shared stash (as you should) and just do not realize that.

The larger inventory bags are still there as Grimarillion does not include them, so does not overwrite them, as I wrote in my previous post.

Just followed the directions of his mod

So yeah…

Plus why doesnt Grim support grim ui or this mod, with increase boss density and double spawns you run out of room fast especially in roguelike’s.

Tried it with 1.1.6 It works but multiplayer no longer works as GDX database is faulty when someone tries to join. So without an update it is only single player.

Thankfully you can remove add it at will and just press sort to fix things up. So if you want to play with someone you need to use backup gdx database without that mod and you can multi fine.

Oh…I didn’t even know you could do multiplayer with mods, do you have to invite somebody on steam that is a friend or something like that?

Multiplayer online games must have the same game version and install the same mod.


why i cant find mods folder in that document… a

i cant make big cav now

If you don’t have a mods folder, create one by yourself. In Grim Dawn\

For example: Grim Dawn\mods