[MOD]New Caravan & Inventory (Extreme Edition) Apply to GD v1.1.9.7 (GDX2)

Thank You For This Great Stash!
could we please get one that maxs a 1080p screen? one that takes the stash all the way to the edge of the screen

Is it working properly with Hotfix? Thanks.

To get an additional 8 x 16 inventory, why not put the stats list back to it’s original height and extend the main inventory to the right?


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Good idea. I will study and improve it when I have time.

Increasing the amount of chests (windows) in the inventory stash would be amazing, is it possible?

Not possible

I think your picture contains Chinese. Maybe you are Chinese? Hardcore players in China.

Yes, I am an ordinary Chinese players. :slightly_smiling_face:

I see that your QQ is offline, maybe you are not in China?

“Extreme Edition” hits the nail on the head! :wink:

Having a hard time using this mod since the patch. Can the author do a quick install order please?

is the extreme edition XUI bigger that reg extreme edition? i cant tell, if so how many more squares is there, regardless thanks for this this is so wonderful, inventory and weird barter system is the only reason i dont play path of exile, couldnt even get myself to go through it once

No, it’s just a different UI.

What is the proper install order? I installed everything here and it did not work.

@tt300 thanks for awesome mod and providing package for mainlain/MC.

I got a quick question, my original steam (not modified) gdx2.arc has last modified date 14.03 and size 28 792 148, whereas the one you provided here in Jan, has size 26 452 838. I guess patches that were applied later on modified / added sth to gdx2.arc, does that mean we would need to re-integrated the mod with mainline/MC again or is it safe to use the package you provided and we will not miss anything?

I tried to install this as my first GD mod ever.
However, I ran into an issue. Bank seems to work fine, inventory however does not. The bags are visually expanded, but I cannot use the empty spaces, it is still limited to the original space. Am I doing anything wrong?

Nevermind… running the game in custom mode once seems to fix it for Main Campaign.
Is there any way to acitivate it for Crucible too?

Thank you for this mod, I highly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Do I have to start a new character on custom game for this mod to take effect now? Do I have to lose my main campaign character with this mods features enabled?

I have tested this yesterday. Started a custom character once, but did not lose anything on Main Campaign. Could use the mod in Crucible though, don’t know yet how this would work out. Will post test results soon.

I tried your suggestion. When I went back to my main character in main campaign, the mod was still broken

Did you do every step of the install instructions? Changing the file in GD/GDX2 for example?