[MOD]New Caravan & Inventory (Nostalgic version) Apply to GD v1.2.0.5 (GDX2)

Main Campaign

Uh, If I don’t get it wrong, “Main Campaign” = “mainline”. :upside_down_face:

What I mean is do I have to start a custom game to benefit from the new stash space, or it becomes available in the game I am currently playing?

If I install the mod now and open my lvl55 char main campaign game, will it have the improved space?

No, no, you have to integrate the source data into the mainline database to use it.

Download this patch to meet your requirements: New_C_&_C_for_GD1152_Main Campaign.7z
Usage: backup the original data package of your game first Grim Dawn\gdx2\database\GDX2.arz ,Then extract all the downloaded patch contents to …\Grim Dawn\

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Cool, thank you!

Will it keep my items in the stash? Or I risk losing them?

Old and new are compatible, please rest assured.
The old version may be out of order, just press the “Auto-Sort” button to solve the problem.

As shown below

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Any way to make this work with other mod like grim, or reborn?

Really just want it more for the character stash space that is wicked awesome.

Do you plan any other features for your mod? Like increased spawn’s this would be the end all be all of mods.

Getting this error in grim dawn reborn when i put the files in the grim dawn file.

Anyway to make this work for grim dawn reborn?

You need to integrate source data and resources, not simply overwrite mods with each other.

Any help on how to do that would be great.

It works for DoM and Grimillian but not reborn when i put the this in the main GDX2 main line file like you stated above.

Then Reborn includes / changes those files in the mod itself. In which case you have to merge this with the mod itself.

Any chance of a version with 30 columns in the stash ? I like that the inventory is larger, but if I wanted to switch from Stasher to this in my mod, anyone having items in columns 23 and up of the stash would lose access to them, as this stash only has 22 columns. There is room for 30 columns, as xHoarder essentially does the same this mod does (just with fewer rows).

The 30-column version is fully compatible with the 22-column version, which I explained in the post above, and in fact the 22-column version has a larger capacity.
Old version 30x20 = 600 grid
New version 22x28 = 616 grid

I was thinking 30x28, otherwise the stash is shorter - and more space is better :wink:

The reason why 30 columns are reduced to 22 columns is mainly to solve the problem of incomplete display of some low-resolution screens, even if the UI has been minimized.

If not for the above reasons, 60x60 may also be achieved. :upside_down_face:

your mod is not working properly as of today.

So what’s different? Game and mod haven’t been updated for a while so much be something at your end that’s causing this. Any new updates for anything?

I have this mod, item assistant and rainbow filter. Can’t see any updates for them.

There was a recent steam update and windows 10 update. When I started my computer up this morning to finish installing the windows 10 update, I then proceeded to start grim dawn. My character was not showing up completely at the start screen and then not at all when I entered the campaign…So I verified game files in steam and it said one file was not verified. After doing the process over there was no more unverified files. I started the game, entered the campaign and sent that screenshot that you see.