[Mod] Reign of Terror

Rogue Encampment:

game.teleport -420 0 50

From there you should be able to get to Act 2 by using the caravan.

is it possible to only get the star symbol items on the map plus the item sounds on epic/leg drops? i really looking for some mod like that.

Hello there!
I’ve got a problem with waypoints and teleport as you can see at the picture , i’m unable to move to further than to black marsh in a1 :frowning:. Can someone help me please?

Of course it is possible, you could even do it yourself by extracting RoT source and then copy files responsible for these features to a new mod.

Provided screenshot is from Jail Level 1 which is 4 locations after Black Marsh. Issues like this are usually caused by the following:

  • Incompatible RoT or GD version (you need the latest GD: Forgotten Gods and RoT
  • Incorrectly extracted mod files (follow Install guide in the first post: 0.2.0 -> 0.4.2 -> 0.6.0 -> ->
  • Loading different game mod (base GD campaign, Crucible or another mod) before RoT
  • Using GD translations
  • Using incompatible 3rd party tools

Ok thank you.
I want to ask you about save localization, becouse as i guess i need to reinstall everything and i don’t want to start from the begining ?

Depends whether you are using cloud or local saves. More info about this topic:

However, “reinstalling” mod by itself will not delete any of your characters / progress because saves are stored separately from mod files.

Ok, but i want to reinstall whole GD and mod later on. Thank you !

You cannot combine a paladin skill with a druid. All auras turn off when the wolf starts.

Uh oh, my quest to kill the Ancients disappeared after I patched, I’m boned aren’t I?

This is intended. You can have only 1 exclusive skill active, same as in GD.

I forgot to copy this “little detail” from RoT Discord announcement in here. When there are any changes to quests, players always have to make sure to complete any active ones before applying update to prevent this from happening.

There are no console commands to reset quests (at least not to my knowledge) but you could use a workaround in form of teleporting to Worldstone Keep Lvl 1 and granting your character 1 lvl and devotion point, because those are the quest rewards. Let me know if you are interested in this method otherwise you would have to delete quest files from character saves which will reset all quests and allow you repeat them (including quest rewards).

That would be super helpful.

it does not make sense. after turning on the wolf, the paladin becomes useless no matter what the aura is turned off anyway.
It is a pity that there is no removal option in the form of I thought combined paladin with druid, but unfortunately this is not possible. 90% of the paladin’s skills are auras and they don’t interact with the druid.

You could argue the same way that it makes no sense that you can dual class in a “D2 mod” in the first place. Yet, this is how it’s made.

It would be useful to read skill descriptions, because it literally says when a skill is exclusive and that you can have only 1 exclusive skill active at anytime.

in D2 you could only have 1 aura active at a time as a paladin hence the reason why they’re all exclusive skills in this mod

hey guys i have some strange behaviour of the difficultys, if i chose the mod he tells me that i have the “normal difficulty” like normal epic ultimate instead of normal+ hell , nightmare and i can choose all at the beginning. I extracted every file into the mod folder to steamapps hmm
I have everything up to date

All difficulties unlocked for custom games by default.
Difficulties names takes and replace original from mod files after mod starts.

ahhh i see, thank you reign of terror is my first mod :smiley: haha after thousands of hours of gd i thought this one is something special and its awesome !

Dear developers of D2 mod, please make it possible to convert money into bullion as in Grim dawn

Planned for the next update (no ETA yet).

You can simply farm Perfect Gems or high level rare / unique gear and put them into shared stash for lower level characters to sell in the meantime.

Unrelated as a question. Just wanted to say I stumbled into the secret skeleton king’s tomb by accident on Normal difficulty. Got trapped inside with no way out. Looked on the wikipedia and discovered they’re higher difficulty things.

Spent a good 30 minutes wandering around the room thinking it was some sort of puzzle of using the traps in order. :stuck_out_tongue: