[MOD REQUEST] Log of item drops


How difficult would it be to make a mod that logs the epic and legendary items dropped in game to a external .txt file for example?

25/07/2015;5:51PM;Dreadnought Footpads;

It would be impossible is how difficult it would be.

Well certain pieces of it are possible so I’m wondering how much of it actually is impossible.

If you remade basically the entire loot system via scripting (e.g., giveItem) you can probably do exactly this. Assuming you got that done, the hardest part remaining would be handling timezones.

Scripting is allowed to write to external files? TIL

I’ve considered this feature for Item Assistant a few times.

Definitely within the realm of possibility.

Though my idea was just logging purples, and notify the user when they drop.
Something ala “a legendary dropped 50 meters North-East of your location”.

Helpful for multiplayer.

good idea ! :wink: