Modders Wishlist

I’m not sure where exactly create it, hope this place is fine.
There was really useful thread where modders asked for their requests, but now it’s closed. So i just want recreate it.

And while it’s here i want discuss one possibility.
I suppose enough people know that player texture, like now it’s just head with no body at all.
And since there is even template for dye remained in files(though it’s not working now), maybe exists chance to give us full texture? ( if it’s not too boldly to ask such things)
I mean my point is it’s can provide much more possibilities for char customization, as it was in TQ. Eg. mods with dyes that color you like forever, not just while you with mod. Pretty interesting, IMO.

Also i understand maybe there is an essential reason for current decision. Asking just in case if there is exists at least little chance for this.

My wishlist is pretty simple small: make everything in the DBRs recognized as an array rather than single values/variables. PickList arrays, Equation arrays, etc. Would open up so many amazing possibilities for design.

Removal of hardcoded limitations that prevent people from truly expanding ingame storage space for characters. This thing kills late game gameplay the same way as respawning outopsts did for Far Cry 2.

A CLI arz repacker.


The source code for all of the modding tools. then the community can make the linux and other OS versions and CLI stuff themselves.

The pitch:
1000s of people digging into it can only bring you more quality to your already excellent game… All you need to do (crate) is figure out the licensing on the source code and then release it.

If it’s full of middleware libraries you had to pay to license for limited distribution as; then your hands are tied, that comes up often with these projects. Dragon’s dogma is a good example; they had some amazing game dev tools but the middleware licensing kept them from releasing any piece of it no matter how small.

But anyways. there it is. I had to ask - my recommendation: make a git repo that is public if the licensing is not an issue then start promoting some people (elfe?) to help manage it and I guarantee you’ll be seeing some amazing pull requests with updates and QoL upgrades that might even help you do your own work.

I’m not too common with C++ (which is the language in which the tools you are refering to are written, except a few but these have nothing to do with packing stuff -> lz4 was originally written in C) so as long as there is no .net version I wouldn’t be able to do much with that.

But a CLI would be nice.

LZ4 exists for just about any language, just google ‘lz4 .net’

We do know all we need to know to create a CLI tool, it’s just that no one has done so :wink:

I know about certain net wrappers but I had a really hard time getting them to work / some were not even documented properly.

I was refering to the original version since the tools are written in C++…which means that they very likely will not contain a net wrapper for it so it wouldn’t be usefull for me anyway if I had the source.

Edit: The one you’re linking is the one without proper documentation which I tried. It says it has, but the most interesting page is empty and either I’m blind or there is not even a description or list of available methods.

LZ4 that explains the terrible (non)compression ratio of the .arz files. and i guess the speed of packing/unpacking them ;o

is there any special magic that the asset manager adds to the file to make it work for grim dawn? or is it just a lz4 archive?

More specific weapon qualifiers, unless I missed something.

Skills can use true/false 1h, ranged, shield etc, but if I try and set true shield, i can do shield+pistol. What if I want it to work with shield+melee but not shield+pistol? If I set for shield=true and sword = true, I can use the skill with a shield and any combination, it doesn’t need to be a sword. If I set for sword only, then … only swords will unlock the skill.

It is a custom format (header and some other info) I believe and each file is individually LZ4 compressed.

I’d like to be able to make a component that gives stats and increases the level requirement of the equipment each time so you can stack it really high and the equipment gets stronger with you. Pretty much like D-Stoning in the Eastern Sun mod for Diablo 2.

But currently you can only seem to have a set level requirement for components and any reductions or increases don’t matter.

You can always build tiered components

i.e. combining one compionent A with another component A creates a component B with a higher level, and so forth (or B + A creates C with a yet higher level, depending on whether you want to use exponentially more components for the higher tiers or not)

Please give us access to the actual coordinates the player / any entity in the game is at and if it is only for reading so we can calculate the distance between for example the player and a monster. (Being able to set handwritten or calculated coordinates for any entity would be the cherry on top though)

As far as I understood, what player:GetCoords or Entity:GetCoords gives back are values that describe the rotation of the player object in the 3d room but not the actual position inside it.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Edit: I guess this is what “origin” in worldcoords was thought for but either I’m doing something entirely wrong, this is not yet implemented or broken since I always only get “nil” for all 3 values of the origin vector.

Possibility to make regions larger than 128 :undecided: unlimited size, or some tool to increase the region terrain while building a map :cool: