Modding/Creating .tpl Help

To kinda breifly summerize my thought proccess; Basically I wanted to create a Relic (using the ItemArtifact.tpl) that instead of having only 2 Conversions, It will have 9. Probably absolutely no need, but I’m more so just toying around and trying to learn.

I’m able to create a 2nd ItemArtifact_2.tpl that includes a 2nd AttributePak_2.tpl that FINALLY includes the Parameters_Conversion_2.tpl. The 2nd conversion .tpl I was able to go though and physically add the other 7 conversions. Now here’s where it seems like everything just…stops.

Once I try and create a new record using the 2nd ItemArtifact_2.tpl, it pops an error. Whats confusing to me is that I was able to edit and save each file no problem, yet when I try and use any of the new .tpl files it just breaks. Below I’ve provided pictures, so please let me know if you can help!

Stop wasting your time, you can’t create new templates.

Ooof. Thanks lol

Yup. There are older requests asking about this. Templates have a relationship to game code that must be programmed, so, you cannot create a new template.

Not quite accurate statement. You almost can’t create new templates.
Skilltree_expanded say hello.
As said above, templtes are hardcoded in game, but still some sort of modidfy are interpretated by engine. In particual number of allowed skills per skill tree.

I just tried create 3rd conversion slot as you try, and asset manager doesn’t gave errors, but, unfortunately, it not work.

It’s accurate enough. After over 5 years of modding, we’ve only stumbled upon 2 things that work in tpl editing, and both are incredibly simplistic. It’s impossible to add anything new via templates unless it’s something that already exists - the skilltree expanded was a stroke of luck because the functionality already exists for devotions.

here is a relevant post by zantai

There’s no sense in giving false hope to OP or people who stumble upon this thread later. Chances are if anyone is looking to edit templates, it’s to add new functionalities or make drastic changes and that’s just not a possibility.