[Modding Tools] Any new of their release date ?

I know a lot of people are interested in modding, so can the dev tell us when they think they could release the modding tools ?


To be honest I’d be very surprised if anyone at Crate has got a spare moment to think about modding tools as I suspect that about the only thing anyone at Crate is seeing at the moment is boxes, envelopes, address labels, piles of physical goods to be sent out and hearing the never ending cry of

“Oi…who’s nicked my roll of ^"^& packing tape this time !!” :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought they all work remotely :wink:

I thought modding tools “was” the next thing to be released?

as for when, who knows, probably a while, I am sure they want people to get a taste of the game in its full originality before people start hacking away and making it completely different and changed ( for the better of course).

Says about the end of April in the last grim misadventure.