Modding TQ, loot tables?

First off, I was trying to find the stupid TQ thread we had here, but I can’t find it and Idgaf anymore.

I wanted to increase the chances of dropping legendary stuff in TQ, unsuccessfully. Does anyone know what (or which) file(s) do I need to edit? I toyed with bunch of them, not all though, mostly tested on Typhon and it seemed to do nothing. It actually seems to be impossible to do, as anything I changed resulted in no changes at all. Editing skills worked, added 2500 life leech do Adrenaline, increased mana drain from Spell Breaker and added energy leech, worked, but loot tables don’t work at all, no matter what I change. I know I do something wrong, like I edit wrong files, tried with containers and loottables, monster stuff etc. Changing movement speed cap seemed to not work too, or I just forgot to save.