Modular Loot Rate

Hey !

First of all, thanks for making Grim Dawn !

I’m playing the game with a friend and we both have really good fun breaking anyone skulls.

We brought Ashes of Malmouth day one and since we started, we get virtually no usable loot.
We started the expansion on level 74 (Elite) and are now 80.
We are playing on Elite since we were just starting Ultimate, Malmouth Quest was out of reach !

In our 2h playtime today, we did get 5 Random “mythical Blue”, 1 regular blue (horns of badass boss !) and 0 purple loot.
The blues are unusable for now because of our classes (2H mace, Shields, Guns) doesn’t match with Dual Weilding Nighblade and a crazy sorcerer.

I writing this post because I observe that making a build in grim dawn is long and hard, you can’t change everything on every item you loot (cost a lot), so you have to wait for a loot that works for your build or enough “secondary loot” to make an alternative build.
In both case, you need interesting loot ahead to keep you busy.

I understand that Grim Dawn is a more “Hardcore” experience that most recent hack’n’slash, a more "traditional way»: I like it.

I mean, completing a set is REALLY hard, and ask a LOT of grinding (Warden Krieg has died a lot), but I could live with it.

But, I’ve come to think that Grim Drawn loot rate is too low for me. Loot is a part of the pleasure you get from playing the game, meaningful loot* is what allow you to build and try new gameplays.

I must say that having 1 usable blue, 0 purple loot from level 74 to 80 trends to get a little annoying. Maybe it’s improving later?

Maybe I don’t play well, maybe I am a “casual” player, I don’t know, I play this kind of games since Diablo 1 - altrough Diablo 2 was the more significant for me- and that’s the first time I register to a forum to “complain” about drop rate : I hope it will give my message some credit.

Well, that’s for context!

So, I understand that grim Dawn is the way it is for a reason, but, a little drop down menu that can manage the drop rate according to your personal playstyle doesn’t feel like an issue to me.

I mean, I don’t want you to change the rules of the game, just to choose this parameter as you choose difficulty. As Grim Dawn is not a competitive game, who gets hurt if you choose to get more loot ?

Maybe a simple "x0.5 // x1 (regular) // x2 // xN (I let you define a reasonable maximum)

*In my opinion, a meaningful loot in Grim must have a passive/active skill, good “ilvl” stats, a bonus to one or both of your classes and one or more random resists.

Thanks for your attention.
PS : Thanks for Titan Quest too, I loved it !

something something wait `till you see Mythicals.

Agreed, on the very least, on the above front though.

The Loot System, for all the things I may like/dislike with GD, is probably my #1 most detested element. I don’t know if having an option to turn loot up really solves anything. Even if you had a 1000x higher chance to see a Legendary, the chance of seeing the Legendary you need or want is no more increased with respect to everything else.