Monster density in expansion

Especially Gloomwald and Ugdenbog seems pretty much deserted. A plant or two here, some cannibals there, but most of it is just empty.

Is it supposed to be like that? The new areas are very nice to look at, but it gets tiring fast to run around to search for monster packs.

It’s supposed to be a creepy forest. Go in the right place and 30+ mobs will spawn on you instantly.

Density seems fine to me. It get’s higher with each difficulty, also do not forget that some monster packs have a trigger range, which means they do not appear if you don’t walk into them, like the wraiths and spikeshells.

Lots of full clears in every difficulty. Seems rather empty to me.

Wat? Ugdenbog is pretty dense with monsters imo. No idea about Gloomwald though.

Sure there are empty areas in each, but there are lots of monsters, you have no idea how many times I get blocked by 50 mobs on the screen.

Yeah I’m not seeing this issue. Sorry.

In Normal it was pretty empty, but that’s kinda to be expected on normal. Running through the area on Ultimate the areas were a lot more populated, so I’m guessing it’s either RNG or dependent on difficulty.

Enemy density increases with difficulty and also with faction standing. I think it’s pretty fine the way it is now.