Monster faction -- Cronley's Gang

So… I enjoy killing Cronley and his gang. But I’ve done it 787354574984387 times, many of them with bounties from Devil’s Crossing [which I’ve since maxed] for a little extra negative rep and am barely into “hated”. At this rate, it’s going to be forever.

For comparison, just from natural play, I’m only a couple thousand rep points away from Nemesis on Undead and Aetherial, and already hit it on Cthonian. In Elite. To add to it, I’m definitely over leveled from doing this because I’m afraid I’ll out-level the foes to the point where I can’t get any faction from them if I leave and come back… which happened in Veteran quite soon.

(Related, but for another topic: I’m seriously regretting NOT going against the Outcast, since that leaves the Dark Legion even harder to get rep… though at least they have writs to speed it up, once I get that far.)

First time is the worst, but once you get nemesis it gets easier with warrants. Also becoming hated gives you a lot of heroes especially in cronley mine

I stopped going for Kymon/Order in all of my new chars

The only reason to go for outcast nemesis is if you want the mini devastation helmet

Warrants? Never heard of such a thing.

Yeah, I haven’t bothered with the Death’s guys much at all yet. They’re still only despised. There are just so few of them; even after I did that one keep by the lonely vendor a few times.

Warrants are like Writs and Mandates which boost infamy by 50%, dropped by Nemesis sometimes