Monster Infrequents (MI) may be the anwser we are looking for

I like ARPGs not played alot of them not there biggist fanboy but there fun. Really only played Titan Quest and the Diablo franchise but as I play them i find myself (and others as i have been reading on the forums) being annoyed by the trying to find gear for the build you are useing. Now before i go any further im not talking about drop rates on epics or legendarys I understand that it is set up so you can get any type of item (sword axe chest caster tank etc) from any mob there is just so many epics for example that getting the one you need or want is tricky and i like how grim dawn (and even titan quest) gives the mob a chance to equip the epic or legendary you are looking for even if it has nothing to do with that characters skill set. Grim Dawns dual mystery system always you to take the 6 basic classes and turn them in to like 36 classes annd some of those classes can be played different ways like a lightning damage wardar or a bleeding wardar and a poison warlock and chaos warlock and so many more some good some bad some just lacking the right gear to make it work. Now the only way to make a enough magic items to help fill all these builds is with the prefix and sufix system combining all these different words with skills stats and ablitys to help suport what build you can think of creates the problem me and so mean other have you can play so long and never get something for your build simple because the dice is not on your side and you have to make it random for ever item and affix because thats the only way to give everyone a chance of getting the gear they need even if you get shafted. The current answer to this problem just farm or craft untill you get what you need ok fine but the question i see asked alot is “well who or where do i farm” and the answer usually is just anywhere with high drop rates because in a game were loot is based on chance the high the chance of something dropping the higher the chance to get what you need. I don’t like this i feel like there should be a way for you to farm someone to help get what you need with out having to kill everything hoping RNGesus is watching you that day and i think monster infrequents are the answer to that question. Some monsters drop gear unique to them called monster infrequents for those of you who didnt know warden craig drops a shield salzzar drops a dagger and croney a ring and there is others bu i have seen LVL 85s with legendarys using MIs to complment there build and make it as good as it needs to be because unlike epics and legendarys they use the affix system so and the MI have base abiltys like corneys ring does bleeding damage ever one of them its what it do but you can get prefixs and sufixs that do other stuff your build might need so why not make MI so you can a more idea place to farm for your gear. I’m a little short on time right know to go more into this its not going to stop farming its just an idea to help focus our farming while lvling and also help those bulids that lack legendarys or epics to its just an idea i like the concept of MIs and fill like they can add a change to the ARPG genre but at the same time keeping a big part of ARPGs and that is randomized loot drops because i feel like the biggist down side to ARPGs is what makes them “them”

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It crit me for OVER 9000!

MI already exist

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they are not, they are rare and on top of that you look for specific affixes, so they are at least as rare as getting the right unique

If you happen to find them, fine, but trying to farm them is no easier than getting the right unique

The answer to not having found the right drop yet is faction gear

Monster Infrequents from bosses can be a pain to farm, despite the path to some of the needed bosses beeing quite short.

Now, Monster Infrequents from lesser mobs, like ascendant, murderer or haunted stuff, drops like candy in certain areas and getting the right combination or at least a decently working one is quite easier.

Thanks for bringing this up I didn’t know this was a issue.

I know they already exsit I even named some of them in the post. I’m saying they are a good idea and I like the concept.

I’m not saying its the perfect answer for the game right know i’m saying the concept is really good and should be built upon in not only future crate games but future ARPG games as well.

On a side note I agree half way with you on the faction part. Say I need a ring that increases my bleeding damage. The Black Legion has one but you have to be lvl 55 to even equip it so instead of waiting for a bleeding ring to drop I can go to cronely because i know he drops a ring with bleeding damage.