Monsters who wiggle

Ok so I don’t know if this is an effect of the game or my old ancient computer is lagging or what but just today I noticed that when the mobs die sometimes they continue to wiggle for awhile. I mean ok so they are flying around up in the air and land but their legs are still moving for 30 seconds or so after they come crashing down. Or the holes the lizards come up out of some stay halfway in the hole and then wiggle but they are dead. The Aether crystal holes after I destroy the cluster the round of mobs coming out only half come out and then wave their arms and head around.

Things are taking a long time to actual die but I can’t continue attacking them because they are dead to the game but they are definitely doing some kind of death shuffle.

Is this something that usually happens? I didn’t notice it at first but today it’s really happening a lot.

Did I click on an effect or turn something on that causes this? Can I turn this off?

Haven’t noticed it, but you could try reducing the time corpses persist from the options. Maybe that will help.