More charge skills like Chaos Strike please

Whenever I’m not playing a Soldier/Nightblade or a ranged build, I end up using either Korvak’s Deception or a Riftstone. Being able to move quickly from mob to mob is just a lot of fun.

It really wouldn’t hurt to have more like those. Why not add +% movement to Oleron’s Blood, Bloody Whetstone, Blessed Steel, Battered Shell, Uroboruuk’s Reaping, Scourge and their respective skills? Since Battered Shell’s Shield Slam is shield damage only, it’s restriction should also be changed from requires a melee weapon to requires a shield. That way pistol/shield builds would get a way of moving around quickly as well.

The suggested changes wouldn’t have too much impact on game balance, instead they would add to diversity.

Shield + pistol can’t use “charge” skills no matter what restrictions you remove

Click link to see more on why:

I guess it would require a bit more dedication from Crate’s side to make pistol/shield charge work then. Changes to the other components/relics shouldn’t be tooooo hard to implement though.

Classes are different, because it´s fun.

If you want a charge skill, play soldier/nightblade or use a component which grants a “charge” skill.

You can not have it all. No matter how badly you want it. :wink: