More creep camps, ruins, etc?

I noticed the maps in FF can be just gigantic and that’s a great thing - however it would be cool to add more activities on them - more types of creeps and bandit camps to destroy and defend from, some neutral objects to explore, traders, etc.

FF has some great defence mechanics (towers, fortifications, hunter traps, manual microing with settlers etc.) and of course a full-fledged RTS unit command, so they could be used more often by making environment a bit more hostile, so that exploration and expansion to new lands and securing new resources would require more effort but also bring more satisfaction when once dangerous environment is tamed, safe and colonized with roads, farms, fences, towers, etc. Of course, all this could be customized when generating a map.

While I know GD names in FF are just easter eggs, I’d love to one day see a Grim Dawn-themed expansion/DLC/mod set in a far past of Cairne, before discovery of Aether magic, but with goblin camps, beastmen raids, dermapteran infestations etc.

some more heavily fortified raider camps near the outside of the map would be cool, maybe guarding some relics. maybe similar to valheim where the farther from the center of the map you go the harder it gets