More little things I'm liking since B31 :)

The updated Arkovian areas look soooo much better!! feels like you’re walking through an ancient civilisation’s buildings! And the lore note from the Burwich scribe, so epic :slight_smile:

And the new drops in the first area that are people’s weapon’s (I think I got some dudes axe, and someone else’s gun), so flavoursome :slight_smile:

And the way the fences get damaged/destroyed now out in the rotting fields in Act 1 :slight_smile:

And I just found new little hidy holes!! :smiley:

You guys have done soooo well! that was some expensive polish you used :smiley:

Thanks for an awesome game!!

Totally agree on the Arkovian areas.

Pretty damn good looking, really hope we see similar areas in the future expansion(s). Perhaps a whole city? One can dream :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree on all points.

One minor thing though. I thought the harpies started showing up just before the civilization went undead, so it’s strange that they have statues of harpies.