More loot for the people!

So after some Fabius farming and some trading i have the best Legendaries for my build (I can probably find some green or blues that are better than some of the legendaries but who want to run around in greens ;D)

Thing is it didn’t take that long and now it’s pretty pointless to continue farm for loot (unless i want to start an alt).

I wish there were some similar items to legendaries based puerly on RNG say if green items can roll dmg% 1-150, blue should roll 100-250, purp 200-500 or something similar plus they should have chance to have more different stats and plus to skills and or cool weapon skills…

Could even have some general “set” item bonus like XXX of the fallen soldier

if you have 2 items of the fallen soldier then … or 3 items… or if you have one of each of the fallen [class] then … or 2 fallen soldier and 3 fallen arcanist then (something good for BMS).

So you could combine different set pieces and the “set” bonus gives bonuses good for that class combination… could be different stat allocation depending if you have 1 set of fallen mage and 4 of fallen soldier or 4 of the fallen mage and 1 of the fallen soldier… the first more emphasis on soldier skills and the second more emphasis on mage skills…

Something like that…

Also would be fun to be able to chose harder modes that ultimate… like ultx2 x3 x4 and so on… (loot must scale accordingly though…)

Another way to go is stuff that give bonuses if you have them in your inventory…

Even more loot?
Seriously, there’s already so much loot, it’s almost impossible to farm for a specific item. Adding even more different items would make it even harder.

Well they could put it on trashmob loot list only or add it as 1 loot to the boss loot table.

Like boss mob
iskandra set1
iskandra set2
anicent heart
yada yada
Roll for a RNG Legendary
Blood of chton

This would only worsen the chance by 1/number of items in loot table and would make them very rare…

I guess if they implemented that, somebody would ask for more loot sooner or later. :wink:

Wide stat ranges are not good, they only artificially increase the grind.

I remember getting some set chest piece in Diablo 3. At first I thought it was bugged because it was missing a stat. But then I realized I got the worst health stat roll.

The chest piece had a native health bonus and I rolled some extra health for it. With those combined, the total health granted by the item was still much less than a good roll of the native health.

And I once got set boots that rolled +11 all resistances when the max roll was 80! It was like a wasted affix.

Also, good green items should be able to rival legendaries to some extent.

^ What this guy said. I like GD’s loot system way more than D3 because on legendaries and blue items you know what the stats will be and the average range of the stat.

If I wanted the system you suggested OP, I’d just go back to D3.