More Pet Stat Details

200 hours into the game so far and i am really enjoying it. i have made a pet conjurer class. An issue that is bothering me is that the pet details tab is lacking in some of the stats i am interested in. My pets have a % offence and defence stat but i have no idea what their chance to hit and crit and to be hit and crit is. I also have armour pieces that add retaliation damage to the pets but no way of seeing how much retaliation damage they are doing for each element. The same goes for elemental damage added, there is no indicator of how much elemental damage my pets have. How much health and energy the pets can regen per second .

Of course if I took the time i could add up the retaliation damages and the elemental damage increases from the devotion tree , items and buffs but it would be great if it could be displayed along with pet details. I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement such changes but it would be very appreciated.


Pet users are more or less going in the dark in terms of what they are using as there is no way to see the full bonuses provides for their pets. It would be nice to have that changed at some point, providing more information to be on par with what non pet build user have access to, in terms of information.