More player-scaled support on pet gear

Hybrid pet builds are notoriously hard to make, and even deviating from the Cabalist/Conjurer/Ritualist trio is already a challenge.

If more pet-specific items came with support for at least 1 damage type on the player’s side, it would enable some pet-caster or pet-melee hybrids without making pet builds stronger, and allow the pet playstyle to more easily migrate to other less natural classes.

Alternatively, creating mythical versions of level 65 or so epic items, either with upgraded stats that include a player damage type, or by adding pet support to items that already have player damage bonus. The Wildcaller set would be a good example.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Yes yes yes !! No more to say

Fuck the balance as it won’t make any op biulds in my opinion


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