More Road Blocks

I made some comments in the Gameplay Forum about the open structure of some of the areas. Another made a comment about the areas being structured often as many large loops that double back and all lead to the same place. The random blocking of some paths is good, but there isn’t enough of it sometimes. It just feels too open. Id love to have to fight my way through more unpredictable turns.

Maybe an option of having more random roadblocks that add up to a single or just two paths through an area. Some want it open so they can get from A to B as fast as possible, i get that. Sometimes the system as it is works and with enough map restriction i have to look for the way. Most of the time though I find myself wandering through some areas, say in Burwich outskirts, and I can see the way to easily. A grove in the woods structured as 10 or so ring shaped paths. It would be nice if there was just one way through those loops of paths, and dead ends, and who knows whats at the end of that dead end, and it changes each time, and i cant see the way until i get there. If i see three paths I know that one leads to the goal and the others will be blocked but maybe there is treasure or a boss or hero. If I pick the exit first i can chose to explore the rest, or not. Just like rocks in the caves and carts in the towns, stands of trees in the woods.

The game does this to a degree id just like to see more of it. Restrict the path enough, reduce vision, follow cam to disorient the player, and these maps can surprise the player for a long time.