More Secrets!

I have played this game a lot. A lot a lot. Just recently I’d run across areas in my time playing that I hadn’t been aware of, one of which was solely because I didn’t think there’d be a hidden area in a hidden area that reaches a chest.
Earlier today, though, I found a secret room in FG, right in the start area. There’s apparently a door you can click on behind the Cult of Dreeg merchant that has a lore pamphlet and a chest.
It’s nuts just how many little places have been put in.


“Forgotten Gods has a lot of little secrets for you to discover. I would say as many or more than base game and Ashes combined.”

So said Zantai in the 8th March 2019 dev stream. How many there are only the devs know. :smile:

Keep looking, keep finding, enjoy.

Oh and it’s definitely worth visiting that cellar on Ultimate btw - but don’t tell anyone else because it’s a secret. :wink:

I’ve been playing GD since 2017 and I have to confess that I found out just a couple of months ago that there is a secret zone with a shrine in the tomb of Barthollem.

I’m quite the Explorer myself but even with that much ambition I wouldn’t have found this secret if it wasn’t for a missclick