More silliness regarding high rep+level items

Level 70 Kymon’s mace from Revered rep is the same in both melee damage (Savagery) and spell damage (Wind Devil) as some level 55 yellow mace I’ve been wielding since I was…55 I guess. That’s again just stupid…

… Look, as far as I am aware, the POINT of Faction items is NOT to be your desired gear. It’s mean to be stop-gap gear, tiding you over until you get BETTER gear. So for those players who didn’t get a good yellow mace early… There is faction gear. So you can stop complaining about your good luck any time now.

Nothing silly

Faction items are meant to be used when you’re struggling with specific gear slots

It’s worth taking into account that faction items also have skill bonuses and procs, things your yellow might not have.

Isn’t Kymon’s Mace Physical focused anyway?
It’s probably not gonna beat a good lightning weapon for Savagery/Wind Devil.

Kymon’s Chosen don’t have any mace that I see. Probably talking about Elite Chosen Skysplitter or Elite Chosen Arcanespark.

edit: Unless he’s talking about their 2h Elite Chosen Warmaul.

Oh I meant the Elite Chosen Skysplitter, yeah.

Well, considering you get spammed like crazy with yellow items (which is actually really disturbing the gameplay flow when you have to inspect each and every one) I don’t think there’s a point to most of those reputation items then, except for those ointments and stuff that you use to augment equipment further. The green receipes were also all really useless, that’ll hardly be my “luck”.

However, what I really liked were the revered items from The Outcast! They were actually pretty useful.

Agreed. Dropped items shouldn’t be compared with vendors items.

Vendors items are either the default gear for the unluckiest of the players or for some specific builds.

What would be stupid in my opinion would be to have vendors selling level 70 items at level 70. Nobody would ever bother anymore go questing and farming with such setup, which is as far as I understand the impulse of the game.

Are you also disturbed by white-named items?
I usually disable the yellow items display by levels 40-50 at latest, depending on my builds and my needs.